Top 26 Teams From The PNW Attending Champs - PNW is the Best

Looks like I got beat to the punch by @DL1505 with his analysis however I’m still posting mine becaouse a lot of people put a lot of hard work into this.

All teams expect for 2412 was wrote by me. All data used was collected by the Robototes Scouting Team. My goal was to ensure accuracy, honesty, and do justice for the all the bots coming out of DCMP. To do this I had 3 peer reviews. I had one outside, and independent, member of team 2521, @andrewda. He also wrote the summary of 2412 to ensure partiality. Thanks to him for that. I also had 2930 member @Andrew_Chauvin review the post, thanks Andrew. And finally a member of 1983 who has requested to keep anonymity also helped review. I do not personally know @Andrew_Chauvin or @andrewda and I did everything in my power to ensure accuracy. Anything you find that may be inaccurate or you find rude, please let me know and I will immediately review it.

All data averages did not include matches where they played defense, witch might explain discrepancy’s anyone sees. Thanks to @MikLast for pointing that out. All data used was pulled from DCMP, and did not include playoffs. Thanks to @WBCSaint for pointing that out.

Sorry for leaving out teams who qualified via other methods. Not that I don’t love you guys, I do, it’s just that I was only looking at teams who qualified via ranking points. If anyone wants to add them on, just send over a summary and i’ll add it to the post.

And without further ado, the teams!

2910: Silky smooth, and arguably the best low scoring bot in the world. Will the lack of an elevator hold them back at worlds? If you had asked me a week ago I would have said definitely; however, after a very impressive performance at PNW DCMP, I would say they’re going to destroy the competition in Houston. I won’t expect them to be the 1st seed in any division, but any 1st seed would be foolish not to pick them up. I give them 50-50 odds of being champs of their division, and I can’t wait to see it.

2046: Oh boy does this team get held back from their full potential. Despite the absolute brutal defense against them, they still continuously manage to pull off near record setting matches. Their great cargo and hatch mechanism and abilities on all levels gives them the rare aptness to pull off solo rockets, even under heavy defense. This team will get many rocket solo RP’s at worlds, putting them into a likely 1st seed position. I do expect a world championship win out of them this year. At the very least, a division win.

2930: What’s that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO! It’s a flying squirrel! And they are flying in with their incredible 6.1 game piece average per match! But seriously, this team is addicted to being awesome, and that’s awesome in itself. I really think their robot is something special this year, and their climb has worked nearly every try at DCMP. They will do great at worlds, no doubt.

4488: With that #TurretLife, this PNW powerhouse is yet again proving themselves as the best. I personally love when teams take chances on unique ways of doing things, and with turrets you either did them really well, or really poorly…I think we all know which one 4488 is. Add that with a 80% attempted climb success rate, this team is prepped for worlds.

2990: This team has oftentimes gotten looked over by many in favor of 2910, but hotwire is a no joke low bot. With a cargo average of 4 per match, compared with 2910’s 4.77, they are right on the heels of the world’s best low bot. I personally find tank drive to be a more beneficial to most 1st to 2nd seeds going into champs. Expect a long run from these heavy hitters.

2147: Another great low score only bot, man we got a lot of those. Again, I think when you’re looking at this team, it’s reliability you’ll be getting. I think their 5.3 game piece average is substantial, and not something you’ll see from the vast majority of teams at worlds. Personally, I think their low score bot is the perfect compliment for a solid high score bot, so I expect a top 4 first pick.

3674: I love this team. Their average cargo score of 3.77 might not show it, but when this team gets in the zone, there is no stopping them. It’s just cargo after cargo after cargo. A never-ending flow of scoring that even the best of alliances succumbed to. They do have a good hatch mechanism, but they are really looking for a solid hatch bot to pair up with to maximize cargo scoring.

4911: This team, oh baby, do they get it done. 4.88 hatches per match… are you kidding me? That’s incredible! Plus, another 3.41 cargo. Man, if you can show me another bot that can do that under as heavy of defense as they had going against them, I’ll give you a high five. Their lack of a level 3 climb should hold them back, and many expected it to at PNW DCMP, but it didn’t. I’m not sure any 1 seed at worlds would be missing that from them, so expect a top seed pickup.

6443: May well be my favorite robot this year. The climb by flip (CBF, calling it now) is great on its own, but they have something even bigger. The ability to flip out of the way allows them to double climb with nearly every bot. Not only will that lead to wins during quals but that will get the picked up in elims, no doubt. Their hatch mechanism exists, at 1.6 per match, but I don’t think anyone will be complaining, they have the defense to make up for it.

2471: I have heard rumbles about how this team is “having an off year,” and let me tell you, those rumors are unfair, ill-informed, and assumes that rank is the only dictator of success. Their average game pieces of 5.4 per match might not put them #1 but it is one of the best in the district, and certainly one of the most reliable. I have no doubt that with continued driving practice, and getting their climb success average of 36% up, they will be a strong 1st pick on any division.

2907: This team is number 1 in two categories:
1: Arguably the most underrated bot in the whole of PNW.
2: Arguably the best defensive bot in the PNW. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT ONE
I wouldn’t rank their drive train at the top for its ability to play defense, but that makes it all the more amazing. Their drive teams’ skill to defend against the best in FIRST (@2046) has been incredible at both district champs, and my favorite, Auburn Mountain View. I mean, did you see them during playoffs at DCMP, absolutely incredible defense. I do not know how 2046 and 2910 lucked out to have them still around.

3663: I knew they were good, but when I went to go look at their data, man was I blown away. They have an average cargo of 5.3 per match, which beats out even cargo specialists. If you haven’t had a chance yet to see this teams inside out flip thing (or, in more formal wording, a pass through mechanism) to control cargo, definitely do. I have no idea how it works but it definitely seems to be getting the job done. They have an 8/9 climb success rate, so it’s safe to say they will rank high.

4469: The climb! OH THE CLIMB! This team uses suction cups, and they use that to flip onto the hab. It works damn well too, 91% of the time. Their game piece placement of 3.5 per match was good, especially when you take into account the fact that they did dabble in defense. I can’t see a scenario in which this team does not get picked up at worlds.

2898: They have a perfectly 50-50 split of cargo vs hatches, totaling up to 6.75. They are a very strong all-around bot. Not that all around bots are in short supply, they just do it better than everyone else. Their lack of climb held them back from top 4 at DCMP, but any top seed would be foolish not to grab them as a great first pick.

1983: The skunks are back in their usual uniform- the best at everything uniform. 6.2 game piece average, predominantly made up of hatches, makes them a strong contender. Then you add in a great climb, and one of the strongest drive tank drives in FRC, and what you get is another great robot as usual. Yet to walk away with a district win, it’ll be interesting to see how they perform in Houston.

1540: The flaming chickens were on….fire…. at DCMP (lol I bet you’ve never heard that one before). 7.1 game piece average is stronger than most, and I find their auto to be partially attractive. They are split pretty evenly in hatch vs. cargo rates, which makes them a strong first pick or alliance captain. Their climb is rate is something they can improve to further shoot them up the ranks, currently sitting at 60%.

2976: Yet another strong bot, really coming off their world champs win well. Their game piece score average is strong at 6.6, but is held back by their lack of climb. Somehow, this doesn’t seem to keep them from taking wins, as they have constantly demonstrated that they are deserving to play with the big boys. Plus, defense against them is all but futile, as in the words of their driver, they just “finesse the crap out of ‘em.” Well said.

2928: Probably my new favorite team after this season. I would say this was one of the top 6 bots at district champs because of their strong all-around play, but the top spots unfortunately eluded them. Best feature of this robot? Where do I begin. Their auto is strong and precise, often getting 2 hatches on the rocket. Then from there it’s off to the races. On average they got 7 game pieces per match, which is incredible. Couple that with the fact that their defense is second only to 2907, they are the perfect bot. Finally, I love a good CBY, and this team is among the best at doing it.

5803: Great all-around bot with cargo and hatch abilities at 2 of the 3 levels. While their cargo ability is nothing to scoff at, I think their best, and most advantageous feature is their quick and accurate hatch placement. I also think the fact that they can double climb with an above average number of bots, due to a below average size, gives them a huge top pick potential. Don’t let their early exit at PNW DCMP fool you, they are set to make a splash in Houston. Shall I dare say, they might be the apex of their field.

4043: As we move down the list I keep expecting to see the game piece per match averages drop but this team keeps it up. 6.5 is the number for them, with the majority being hatches. If I were them I would keep up the strong hatch work and sell themselves as a good hatch bot to a top seed. Their climb has a 70% success rate, and I suspect that will give them the last push they need to get into the top 8 at worlds.

4513: Really quite a neat robot this team has put together this year. Their hatch mechanism works really well despite its simple nature, with a 3.3 hatch average, and an equal cargo average, we have another really well-rounded team. The lack of a climb is probably what held them down in the ranks, but their strong auto and tele-op made up for it when it came to alliance selection.

5468: I’m really glad rank isn’t the only thing that alliance captains look at, or else it would keep really capable bots like 5468 from getting to show off. They built a particularly pretty robot this year… It must be nice for their drivers to look at it while it’s on the other side of the field bullying other robots around. Plus, their hatch scoring is surprisingly good for their rank, at 3.4, they are good asset to have on your team, and definitely not against you.

948: A team that was once the largest team in FIRST has built one of the most compact robots I’ve seen yet this year. It amazes me how much scoring power they were able to build into a relatively small robot. They’re averaging 2.8 cargo per match, slightly better hatch averages. Their climb seems like a bit of a work in progress, but given they get some more practice, they will be a compelling first pick. Even if they’re not picked for offense, their defense is a very strong backup plan. After a win at Auburn Mountainview and stellar performance at PNW DCMP, this team has several avenues they could go down.

1318: The PNW traditional power is back again with an average of 6.2 game pieces scored. Their climb is definitely the most unique I have yet to see, and it works more than most others. They tried to get on either levels 2 or 3, 10 times at DCMP, and 8 times they succeeded. Their elevator is faster and smoother than most I’ve seen as of yet, so that will help them with the rocket RP. This team holds potential going into worlds, and it won’t be surprising to see them as a first pick because of their climbing and offense.

1425: Although this team was picked up in elims for defense, they were still a strong scorer throughout the competition. I especially love their auto, it was able to get 2 hatches almost consistently, due to their turret set-up, and that will help them a lot at comp. Not sure why they didn’t try climbing that much, but it worked 5/7 times, so if they dial that in at comp we’ll see a good run from them.

2412: This is the Robototes first time qualifying for the FIRST Championship, and they’ve never deserved it more than now. With a unique cargo manipulator that helps them achieve an average of more than 5.5 cargo per match, 2412 would be a phenomenal choice for any alliance seeking a cargo specialist. In addition, the Robototes boast a great climber that allows them end the match on level 2 or 3 very reliably. When not busy filling the rocket or cargo ship, 2412 also demonstrated some very effective defense at PNW Champs, which ultimately was the deciding factor in quite a few of their matches.

In order of district rank


Pretty solid roundup. Heres how it compares to the data we got at DCMP.

We have them at around .6 average, but as you say their defense is usually on point.

Honestly, I think you have them overrated. Sure, they play some alright defense, but there were more than a few teams around with comparable defense and actual scoring abilities that arguably made more sense for the 1 and 2 alliances to pick.

Im positive they can only go to level 2.

We have them at 1.5 gamepieces/match. Again though, their defense was their big point.

We have them at 4 gamepieces/match.


Yes, I should have mentioned that any and all data averages did not include matches they played defense. I’ll add that now. That’s probably where the discrepancys come from. As per apex, it’s possible I mis remembered, lemmie go watch some match footage. 2907 is definitely an oppion, but so is most of this post.

5803 can only score on the bottom two levels of the playing field with their single-staged elevator.

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Ah yes y’all are right. My sincere apologies. It’s edited

Good writeup on all the teams. I think your number for our rate of successful attempted climbs might be a little low (I could be wrong). I just did a very quick look through match stats and video on TBA and saw 5 unsuccessful attempted climbs and 3 no attempt or lvl 1. We have played 53 matches so we have attempted 50 climbs and been successful 45 times (missed 2 at Clackamas, missed 2 at Lake Oswego, missed 1 at DCMP when attempting a double) so that would be 90% success rate, not 80%.

Congrats to you guys for qualifying for the first time for Champs. It was a pleasure talking with your team at DCMP.

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I’ll add that to the post, all data I used was from DCMP, so we only had 12 matches to work with (we didn’t scout playoffs)

Thanks so much! I can’t wait to play with y’all at worlds!

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This is an exciting writeup … we need some of our best commentators like @PCH_Informer, @ghostmachine360, @Anupam_Goli, etc. to write up something for PCH.

Are you guys headed to Houston again?

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All the PNW teams will be going to Houston

Great breakdown, @EricKline! A fun read :slight_smile:

Grats again on making it to Champs. You guys will have a blast. It’s so much fun to go around and oogle the amazing robots there

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I actually remembered one other (mostly personal) issue I had with the writeup, the changing from “Gamepices scored” to “[specific gamepiece] scored” threw me off more than once and made it hard to keep up after reading a few if I go too fast. Still a solid roundup either way.

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Actually I had a problem with this as well, but I found that when writing, a lot of these top seeds just didn’t have all that impressive cycle rates. However in my quest to keep it strictly positive, I found that combining the two made it sound more impressive.

I noticed you didn’t have commentary on any teams that qualified outside of ranking? Lottery, Chairman’s, etc.

I’m happy to tac them on if anyone wants to write one up for them, I just got burned out after the first 26.

This is a great list of the teams. I really like how you weren’t rude to any teams. BTW, I notice you didn’t list 3674’s lvl 3 climb. Not a big deal, but since climbing is very important this year you may want to mention it.

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What divisions did everyone end up in?

I’ve only looked at Hopper so far for obvious reasons…
Hopper has 2046, 3663, 1425, 1899, 2976, 4043, 5803, and 7461

2733 is in Turing

We have a match against 254+3310 :man_facepalming:

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2930 is also in Turing
Our division has 948, 2733, 2930, 4125, 4513, 5468 and 6831from PNW

This was the list I pulled together, feel free to correct me and I’ll do what I can to keep it up to date!

2147, 2811, 2990, 3024, 4911, 6443

2928, 4089, 4469, 4488

1425, 1899, 2046, 2976, 3663, 4043, 5803, 7461

1540, 1983, 2471, 2910, 3674

568, 1318, 2412, 2557, 2898, 2907

948, 2733, 2930, 4125, 4513, 5468, 6831

Hopper is looking good for PNW