Top 5 Favorite FRC Games

What are your top 5 Favorite FRC Games? Vote for your 5 favorites and share your list!

Top 5 Favorite FRC Games
  • Rapid React (2022)
  • Infinite Recharge (2020/21)
  • Destination Deep Space (2019)
  • Power Up (2018)
  • Steamworks (2017)
  • Stronghold (2016)
  • Aerial Assist (2014)
  • Ultimate Ascent (2013)
  • Rebound Rumble (2012)
  • Logo Motion (2011)
  • Breakaway (2010)
  • Overdrive (2008)
  • Rack 'N Rolle (2007)
  • Aim High (2006)
  • Triple Play (2005)
  • FIRST Frenzy (2004)
  • Stack Attack (2003)
  • Zone Zeal (2002)
  • Diabolical Dynamics (2001)
  • Co-Opertition FIRST (2000)

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For me it goes (with the top 3 being pretty interchangeable):

  1. Rapid React
  2. Aerial Assist
  3. Ultimate Ascent
  4. Stronghold
  5. Destination Deep Space

No fair, you left Lunacy off the list.


Sounds like a feature, not a bug.

  1. Lunacy
  2. Lunacy
  3. Lunacy
  4. Any game with dozer in the animation
  5. Recycle rush first .25 seconds
  1. Rapid React but only matches with 4907
  1. Stronghold
  2. Ultimate Ascent
  3. Deep Space
  4. Rapid React
  5. Aerial Assist
    If FIRST moves away from the ball shooting games next year (which I kind of hope they do), I would rather have a pick and place game like 2019 rather than a stacking game, like 2015 or 2018.

Rapid react was just so entertaining and simple to watch (its also my first year in FRC, and the first time we won in 10 years or something)


Stronghold* is my favorite. I think it was brilliantly balanced; it was easy to build a robot that could win events with just a drivetrain and an intake, but it was still a challenging game to play at high levels, with it being incredibly challenging to build a robot that could go under the low bar, shoot over a max height blocker, and also climb. Matches were generally fun to watch and the game was among the more easily explainable to non-FRC folks.

Since it’s asking for my top 5, I’ll also add Ultimate Ascent, Aerial Assist, Deep Space, and Rapid React in no particular order, with the caveat that I haven’t watched much of the games before my time (pre 2012).

*I’m definitely biased because it was my first season working on a robot that was actually good

  1. Rapid React
  2. Lunacy
  3. Aerial Assist
  4. Stronghold
  5. Deep Space

Lunacy not being on the poll seems like an attempt to silence and censor the masses >:(

  1. Destination: Deep Space Presented by the Boeing Company
  2. Rapid React Presented by the Boeing Company
  3. Ultimate Ascent
  4. Aerial Assist
  5. FIRST Stronghold
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  1. Recycle Rush (your boos mean nothing. I’ve seen what makes you cheer)

  2. Ultimate Ascent

  3. Aerial Assist

  4. Rapid React

  5. Power Up


I think the newer games are going to rank higher due to improvements in technology and recency bias.

My top 5 of the 3 v 3 era goes

Tied for 1st Ultimate Ascent & Stronghold
3rd Rapid React
4th Rebound Rumble (Best endgame imo)
5th Triple Play

Top 5 of the early era
1st Co-Opertition FIRST
2nd FIRST Frenzy
3rd Ladder Logic
4th Toroid Terror
5th Tower Power

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I loved recycle rush and am frankly annoyed it’s been left out of this poll, if not just for the sake of completeness


The poll only allowed for 20 options…


Damn, you left 2015 off the list :frowning:


TBF the title is “FRC Games”, not “FRC Engineering Challenges”.


Since I couldn’t vote for Lunacy (the only game where pinning was an offensive strategy), here’s my list:

  1. Rapid React 2022
  2. FIRST Frenzy 2004
  3. Aerial Assist 2014
  4. Stronghold 2016
  5. Overdrive 2008

Going way back, I liked the game in my rookie year, Hexagon Havoc 1996. Human players were seat-belted to the floor and had to enter game pieces using a soccer throw-in motion.


Why did you choose to specifically cut off those two “recent” years then instead of cutting it off 2002? I think I can already guess the answer :wink:


Full seasons I participated in:

  1. Power Up
    We made a stupid bot that year that ended up working well (shooter go brrr). I liked the possession scoring, and cubes were fun in general. Defense was also cool that year.

  2. Destination Deep Space
    Double climbing with 2910 was really fun, and the Einstein finals were crazy competitive making for a good viewer experience.

  3. Steamworks
    Gears gears gears

Other favorite games:

  1. Ultimate Ascent
    FIRST really needs to bring back frisbees

  2. Aerial Assist
    This is the closest we’ve had to American football, and who doesn’t like the big balls


Infinite Recharge not getting the love it deserves IMO