Top 5 Posted

Autodesk put up the top 5 (animation and inventor)

Congratulations to teams 116, 135, 342, 867, & 868 !! Excellent work. Hope we can meet some of you when we are in Atlanta – we’ll be looking for you at the Autodesk site.

Congrats to 234, 341, 617, 1764, and 1983…awesome CAD.

sweet, we’re in the top 5 again! Congrats to everyone, the competition looks fierce. So who in the top 5s will be in Atlanta?

Congrats to Cyber Blue. It is awesome to see them in the top 5 for this award. They have come a long way in the 5 years since a couple of us drew a very barbaric representation of our robot in 2003.

I’m glad to see Cyber Blue finally did it!!! I remember teaching you guys how to use Inventor. It’s good to see you guys didn’t lose the touch :wink:

Good job you guys!!! I’m rooting for you!!!



Sorry, you’re a little late on that one. lilwupster beat you to it

Congratulations to teams 234, 341, 617, 1764, and 1983 on the submissions. good luck at the Championships!

Aceanuu, great job on your design as well. :slight_smile:

I don’t know much(read:anything) about CAD, but those are some sexy renderings of some sexy robots. Congratulations to those five teams, from what I can see they deserve it,

w00t! Congrats to all the teams that made it & good luck!!

first of all congrats to all teams that made it! I am really happy that we made it. It took me a whole lot of time to work this model out. I was pretty much alone working on it!
I understand there is a voting for FIRST student members now, right? When will this be set up or did I just miss that?

Good luck to all the teams. See you in Atlanta!

Team 1983 - The Skunkworks

Good Job and Good Luck to all, Nice going Chris…

(to the tune of Spider-man, or more well know, Spider Pig)

German man German man
Does what ever a German Can
He’s real Rad 'cause he’s good at CAD
but he talks with an accent so his english is bad
LOOK OUT! Here comes German Man

lol, our lego league team was the Spider Pigs…

Alright A note to all animation teams in the top five. I will let you know that most students in first do not know they are suppose to go on this site and vote for the top five. So your mass campaigning begins now. You are going to have the job in Atlanta is rounding up as many students as you can so they can submit their vote. Also every student on your team has a vote so make sure they all vote for your animation.

We did it last year and it worked out for us. Good luck to all animation teams, I will see you all in Atlanta. Check me out in the Autodesk booth.

we wont :frowning:

oh know! I really want to meet your animators. Autodesk also holds a lunch in and free books to the top five teams. You should really try sending at least the animators.

First off, congrats to everyone who made it. If possible, I think many people would find it interesting to actually open up one of your inventor files and disect how you did such an elaborate job. Please post them if you can.

On another note, I know this was posted as a nice suggestion. However, you are supposed to vote for which animation and inventor image you think is the best. You should not vote for either just because you know the person who made it. That is turning this into a popularity contest. It defeats the purpose of voting to begin with. This is not a popularity contest, it is meant to allow the public to input their honest opinion about which one is the best. Vote on the entries, not the people who made the entries. Sorry, that line just rubbed me the wrong way.

Once again though, congrats.

I understand your concern and yes you should vote for the best one. However I can say is this. If your team is up on the top five would you not think that your animation is the best up there? Obviously you want yours to win and hopefully your team is backing you up.

In a perfect world every student on the FIRST community will go on first base and vote for the animation or inventor that they think is the best and the winner will be rewarded his or her well deserved reward.

Now let me tell you how reality works. 80-90% of the students in the FIRST community do not even know that they are suppose to vote for the animations on FIRSTbase. When told that they should, mainly have trouble creating an account under their team name because they need a code that was given to their head team mentor. Durring the competition in Atlanta is the only way these students will find out about voting and by that time they will have some trouble getting the code from their leader because of everything that goes on in Atlanta. How do these students find out that they have to vote? Because an animation team is going around campaigning for them to vote on the animations.

I know other animation teams out there are grouping together and voting on the top five. There may be animation teams that are not in the top five that are organizing their entire team to vote on the top five. But thats not everyone. There are still votes that you can get from campaigning in Atlanta.

You may not agree with this but this is exactly how it was last year. The top five animations are in a race, a race to get the most votes. I’m not dissing any teams, I’m not bashing the system I am giving the top five animations a heads up of whats to come.

I will be in Atlanta getting people to vote on the animations. So the final result will not be bias.