Top 5 robots in each state

Since the season is over, what were the top 5 robots in your state during Recycle Rush?

I live in Ohio and from what I have seen the ranking is:

  1. 379
  2. 5413
  3. 48
  4. 120
  5. 4269

Fair warning I am associated with 5413 so there may be some bias

Attached is the ranking data for Ohio based on the Michigan District ranking system.

2015_OH_FRC_Team_Rankings.pdf (17.2 KB)

2015_OH_FRC_Team_Rankings.pdf (17.2 KB)

Not sure about northern Florida teams but I can account for those that attended Orlando and South Florida regionals

I’m not sure about the rankings but I’d probably say the top five in no particular order are:

Probably 1592 or 2556

(Can’t account for 233 because I never saw them actually play, but they’re usually stellar.)

Oregon is sadly a little light when it comes to strong teams. (most strong pnw teams are from Washington). But here they are:

4488: An incredibly dominant robot that ended up seeding 1st at every pnw event they went to. They played well to their strengths, and really should have gone to Einstein this year.

2550: A breakout year for 2550. They ended the season playing incredibly well at both their district events (1 district win, 1 district finalist), as well as getting to semi’s at district champs. Sadly they could not attend worlds this year, hopefully that changes.

2990: Probably the most successful team from the area to build their stacks in separate parts. They came out in the season swinging, being one of the most impressive robots at the Willamette Valley scrimmage during week 0, and continued to play well throughout the season.

1425: 1425 was one of the best cappers in the northwest. That along with their can grabber at district championships made them a hot commodity for eliminations.

2635: a fast hp stacker that did well at their district events, but seemed to fall short on the big stage.

based from here:




Michigans top 2 are both 1s…

1A- 1023
1B- 548
3- 33
4- 3641
5- Fill in any one of 10 different robots here

For NJ I would say:


It’s definitely a tough list to make, and there are many good teams that I could see on this list.


2338 - Gear it Forward - Einstein Quarter finalists
2481 - Roboteers - Tesla Quarter finalists (Ranked 1st)
1756 - Argos - Newton Finalists
4143 - MARS/WARS - Curie ranked 10th, but didn’t play in playoffs ??? anyone know what happened? I can’t find any information
2451 - PWNAGE - Galileo Quarter Finalists

Did I miss anyone?


New York:

  1. 5254- Finalist at both upstate NY events, and the only robot in New York capable of making 3 stacks of 6 in a match.

  2. 340- Winner at Tech Valley and Finalist at Finger lakes, the robot consistently made stacks of 5 from the human player station and could cap them to boot. They also had some of the best can grabbers in the state, other than perhaps 329’s.

  3. 263- The Sachem Aftershock won South Florida, and then did well at both of their New York events making 2-2.5 stacks of 6 in a match

  4. 1126- Arguably the best New York team to not make champs, 1126 didn’t meet expectations at their first event, but came in strong at Finger Lakes, making 2-2.5 stacks in a match fairly consistently with their unique design.

  5. 1511 or 3015-
    1511 was a decent robot at their regionals, making shorter stacks and grabbing cans from the middle, but they really picked it up at champs, making 1.5-2 stacks/match from the feeder station throughout qualifications and getting picked as a backup bot in their division.
    3015 won the Finger Lakes Regional as 4039’s first pick from the 7 seed. At FLR, they were making capped, shorter stacks. In their division at champs, 3015 was selected as a part of the #2 alliance’s second pick, and played a few rounds making uncapped stacks from the feeder while their alliance was preparing 4522’s can grabbers.

Honorable Mentions:
329 was known for their wicked fast can grabbers, which they brought to both the Long Island Regional and to Waterloo. They earned their way to champs through an EI award, and also got picked and played in their division.

1507- 1507 had the best tote stack auto in the state, hitting it multiple times in qualifications and eliminations at the Finger Lakes Regional. They could make multiple short stacks from either the feeder or landfill, and they were capable of grabbing cans from the step during teleop in a pinch.

New York had a very good year overall.

They were selected for the 8th alliance, but they played their backup robot instead, as they needed another HP stacker for eliminations and they needed 1318’s can grabbers.

My top 5 for NJ:

For Eastern PA/DE:

Picking ten teams was tough. MAR was really competitive this year, great robots all around :smiley:

Even better - they were actually semi-finalists!

My personal list for Indiana is:

  1. 234 (IN state champions, 3 event wins all as 1st seed, 1 district CA)
  2. 1024 (IN state champions, 2 event wins)
  3. 135 (IN state CA, 1 event win)
  4. 5188 (1 event finalist, IN state championship 3rd seed)
  5. 1501 (1 event win, IN state championship finalist)

But it is really debatable, since there were so many strong teams come Indiana state championships! Other notable teams that I saw this year were 71, 1720, 1741, 5402, 1747, and I’m sure I’m missing a few more.

While I like 2607, they have the unfortunate fate of being from Pennsylvania, not NJ. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure 2607 is from PA.,+PA,+USA

EDIT: Oops! Beat me to it.

This looks fun, let’s collect the data.

Survey Here

Results Here

For Wisconsin my top five would be:

  1. 2826 - Awesome autonomous, able to make 3 full stacks a match, two regional wins and Einstein finalist
  2. 2062 - Consistently put up 2 full stacks a match, a simple robot, and also have two regional wins this year
  3. 1732 - Solid stacker and were just short of being in the finals of the Wisconsin Regional
  4. 3418 - Decent stacker, good at capping stacks, interesting canburglar, and finalist at the Wisconsin Regional.
  5. 93 - Lake Superior Regional winner, just shy of the finals in Wisconsin, and in my opinion the best stack capper in the state

Honorable mentions include: 2077, 5148, and 706

My bad! My revised NJ list:

My top 5 for Minnesota(I submitted my top teams in the survey but wanted to give some reasoning behind it),

  1. 2512- With one of the best 3 tote auto’s out there, they amazed everyone with their 3 tote auto at their week 1 regional which is impressive in my book. They improved in between competitions and were dominant at the MN state championship. They were capable of scoring 104 points a match at times(3 tote auto + 2 capped and noodled 6 stacks) at state.

  2. 3130- Best MN landfill bot this year. These guys put up high scores at Northern Lights and North star this year. They were ranked 4th in newton and ended up as semi-finalists! I’m really happy for their double banner season!

  3. 2502- Best HP loader bot from MN this year. These guys dominated at 10,000 lakes. They were even better at champs where they were picked 9th overall by the 8th seeded alliance! I’m glad we got to compete with 2502 twice and I was disappointed that they didn’t qualify for state.

  4. 2883- FRED had an amazing ability to make stacks in chunks. They were extremely reliable and I was glad that we got to compete with them twice this year! Their tethered ramp addition was a smart idea before the state tournament which made them much quicker.

  5. 2169- Another robot that didn’t qualify for state which deserved to. They did very well at the Wisconsin regional and champs. 2nd best landfill bot in Minnesota and one of the best can burglar bots from MN at champs(Picked 8th overall in Hopper). I felt like they were really underrated this year and they were one of the best robots coming out of MN.

Honorable mentions: 1816, 4778, 5172

This is really, really hard…I’m doing just northern CA because it’s hard enough as it is:

  1. 254 - they won CVR and SVR, and seeded first on Carson with a robot capable of 4 full stacks and 200+ points on its own; that did landfill, HP, and coop; with a 20pt auto; and with a max OPR of 157.

  2. 1678 - focusing on the center containers and stacks of 5 from the HP station, they finished a 5 banner season, winning CVR, Sac, SVR, Newton, and Einstein.

  3. 971 - despite being eliminated in semis at Sac they made finals at SVR and were the first seed on Carver, grabbing two containers in auto and doing cycles of 6 from the HP station.

  4. 1671 - made semis at CVR and Sac as captain of the 4th and 2nd alliances, they somehow made it to 2nd pick of 118/1678 on Newton, where they did 6 stack cycles from the HP.

  5. 701 - capping their HP stacks with center containers picked off in teleop, they were finalists at CVR, Sac, and Lone Star.

Other teams: 2085, finalists at Sac and SVR with another HP stacker, and 846, who made semis at SVR and is one the best teams from northern CA to not make it to champs. I’m not entirely sure if 973 is considered northern or southern CA, since they’re basically halfway between San Jose and LA, so I didn’t include them (the list was also hard enough as it is…)

I just realized that out of these 7 teams, 6 stacked only from the HP station as far as I know.