Top 5 States that stand out to your team

As a Connecticutian, :heart:

For me, in no particular order or not listing teams…

  1. Connecticut
    Uprising Powerhouse Generator (Plus I’m here!!!)

  2. California
    The population and amount of teams surprise me! I have really good friends and competitions are REALLY tough. Props to Cali teams.

  3. Really All of New England + NY + NJ ((fight me))
    Our competitors come from these states and fight right. I love my NE teams, they are my family! We stick through everything together and they are so supportive. NE Fam + NY + NJ I love you!!!

  4. Florida
    I’m moving here soon, but besides that point, I find how Florida teams act in competitions, events, etc. are different from how we act in New England. Some teams stand out to me here Florida (and no I’m not talking about THAT team lol, just in general.) (in a good way).

  5. Michigan
    The effect this state has had on the FIRST competition with the foundation of Districts, the Detroit World Championships, and more. They are a legend with the most teams in a state, industrial history, is just amazing to me. Also, they are FIGHTERS. It’s super competitive up there.

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  1. Wisconsin (maybe a little biased but oh well)
  2. Texas
  3. California
  4. Connecticut / NE
  5. Ontario
  1. Connecticut - Home state, lots of old teams with a ton of history, events here feel more like a family reunion than an actual competition. Aside from that I’m an ardent believer in the untapped potential our state has to shine on the world stage.

  2. Maine - Great teams, great people, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad interaction with a team from this state. Keep an eye on some of their rising stars, they’ll give the FRC world something to talk about soon.

  3. New York - Lots of great teams from an overlooked state, great people too, they might not be a district but there’s a certain close bond those teams share that I can’t exactly put into words, but it’s always a good time competing here.

  4. Michigan - I’ve met a lot of great & legendary teams from this area, though most of them are kind and good-hearted people, I think it’s their competitive drive that turns on like a light switch the moment they step behind the glass that I really admire.

  5. Vermont - Small in number, mighty in their presence in the NE District.


I would argue Hawaii belongs on that list due to Mauna Kea having a claim to being the tallest mountain on Earth.

As far as top states - I would submit that teams per capita would be a reasonable metric.
Last I checked I think it was:

  1. Michigan
  2. Minnesota
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Maine
  5. Hawaii

What did we do to be bestowed such beautiful content from the one and only Brian Maher? How much did we sacrifice? What did it cost?


You just have to break it up by regions now.

South Michigan
East Canada Michigan
West Michigan
North Michigan
Wisconsin Michigan

  1. Glass transition
  2. Supercritical fluid
  3. Degenerate matter
  4. Ice Nine
  5. Quasicrystal

Honorable mention: Netherlands



States that stand out:

  1. California: Very outspoken, suspicious shaking near San Francisco
  2. Michigan: Seems to be trying to control the entire game
  3. Rhode Island: Kinda hiding in NE, maybe another @spaghetto here
  4. Florida: Who knows what’s going on, might just be a confused townie
  5. Minnesota: I can tell you guys are plotting something…

Obviously not all of these states are 100% mafia, but this is my suspicion list. Please defend yourselves now

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Ontario (technically not a “state”, but we’ll let it slide)
W-W-W-Wildcard!!! Not Ohio

All the monies

I haven’t seen anyone bring up city states
My Top 5 (in order) are:

  1. Athens
  2. Sparta
  3. Corinth
  4. Thebes
    And last and quite possibly least
  5. Delphi
  1. x
  2. y
  3. theta
  4. dx/dt
  5. dtheta/dt
  1. Disabled.
  2. Teleoperated
  3. Autonomous
  4. eSTOPed
  5. Off

@Brian_Maher are you proud of this monstrosity? I don’t want to hear you complain about “summer CD” ever again!

  1. Readiness
  2. Bliss
  3. Mind
  4. Shock
  5. Chaos

You missed denial

Not one of my top five. Or maybe it is and I’m already there.


1: Teleop - this state is where we spend most of the match
2: Periodic Tasks - often undervalued, this state is always running reliably in the background
3: Auton - we’ve tried to do some cool stuff here, but little has had much success
4: Begin - this state is what gets everything in motion
5: Finish - this state is nice for the few times we don’t disable the robot via power switch I guess