Top 5 Teams that stand out from your state

This frankly is not what they said at all. Please don’t take things out of context. Simply because he named 254 does not mean he takes this as the reason for chezy champs being “good”. And besides, I think it’s important to recognize that both states have amazing teams in them rather than fight about which is better. When you do that everyone loses.

Clearly the competition in NC is too strong for one event only :wink:


Its exactly what they said. If 254 lived in Wyoming and put up a high quality offseason that they do now, people would flock to it. people flock to IRI already, and its in Indiana. Nothing against Indiana, but there isint a whole lot there outside of Corn and the Indianapolis Speedway.


Well, I should let them speak for themselves.

However, I will stress that they wrote teams; plural, not team or 254. I believe that they are trying to point out the fact that there are many strong teams in California, not just 254. All these teams together contribute to the high quality of the event.

I have no doubts they would travel elsewhere if it was hosted elsewhere. Cali already forces them to travel just to play during the season, they wont mind another in the offseason.

This is turning into a debate that is better for: Top 5 States that stand out to your team

I was saying that because there are so many high quality teams in California, it’s why Chezy is super competitive.

It would be interesting to see each state have an alliance and have all of them compete, but from such sources as the insights on Blue Alliance, California is definitely better than North Carolina or New York. The top US states are Texas, Michigan, and California. You can have an opinion that says otherwise but most of FRC would agree that those states are known for great powerhouse teams.

Can you please provide a direct statistic or example of this insight?

As you can see California teams are prominently on there as well as teams from Texas and Michigan, and of course 1114.

If 254 is a support bot, then all other robots in the world are defense bots.

That’s pretty cool that you conducted a representative survey of all FRC participants and found this data. Could you by any chance publish the rest of your collected data?

Looks like 771 has some competition for best defense bot in the world now :cry:

california bade


This thread has uh devolved a bit too much to say the least. If the whooshes aren’t obvious we, 5511, aren’t a powerhouse team and NC isn’t a powerhouse state.


That’s 5511 being modest as usual


I don’t really understand this argument, 254 has never won the Michigan State Championship, so they can’t really be considered one of the best teams in the world.


I agree. Anyone want to give their input on top 5 teams from their state, which ever one it is?

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California’s “elite” teams can’t even make it to the field on time


similarly no team from michigan has ever won the New York State Championship so which region is really the best here?


No team from New York has ever won or seemingly ever will win a district championship

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, sweaty


You just wait til teams 2791 and 5254 win NYdcmp.