Top-Down Orthographic View of FRC's 2019 Playing Field

After Kickoff, what’s the best way for me to acquire a top-down orthographic view of the playing field?
The view should be similar to this:

Usually, there’s one in the game manual or in things that get released with it at Kickoff. And if not, ask nicely and someone will surely deliver using the CAD drawings. :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a way to measure things (e.g. for auton) on Day 0, then check out Autodesk Synthesis. It has a pretty reasonable measuring tool. It works really well on low-end hardware (has Unity 5 as its engine). It also has many prior years’ game fields with a few sample robots. The field downloads are very small. so it is unlikely to have issues acquiring the 2019 field once it is available.

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If I am not mistaken, someone usually releases a CAD drawing of the field every year near the start of the build season. For instance, this 2018 game field was uploaded to grabcad on the 6th of January last year. I would download it and take an orthographic render that way you can get the lighting or whatever how you want it.

This year, FIRST will be releasing a number of ways to access the field drawings and CAD in both 2D and 3D. The home page for this is:

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It will be in here:

most likely in a file named: 2019-field.jpg


I made one last year (ignore all the broken images, CD is having issues with it and the first post had the wrong view anyways) by slapping the STEP file (or the STL, I forget now) into blender, adding the textures, and rendering out a photo. Ill probably make it again this year if I dont find a suitable one elsewhere like last year.

to @ewpratten, it looks like youre using my incorrect view for your Github. id suggest changing to the proper one.

Now that Kickoffs over and FIRST released CAD Files, could someone post a Render of the top-down orthographic view of the playing field? I use Inventor and as of now the Inventor CADS are not available on the first website and all the Field Drawings have markings on them. The Solidworks Files are not opening on my Inventor for some reason. So thanks in advance for whoever posts them.

This is the top-down field from the GitHub link posted above:

Top Down View of the 2019 Destination: Deep Space Field.
(Github link above is to my photo)

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Whats up on the red alliance platform?

The solid works model that I have is a bit messed up. I will be trying to fix it in the next few days. In the mean time please use the blue side for anything that requires precision.

These should be accurate top down views of the field.


for the most part, i think ive fixed all the issues with the field. The only things im concerned about is the parts of the rocket that stick out from either side, but looking at the manual photos i think it may actually be a non-issue. I need to fix a couple colors (the red platform specifically) but high quality renders should come soon :tm: (8k renders, anyone?)

Edit: see This thread

You are missing the prepopulated hatch covers in the loading zones