Top Down Steamworks!

I made Steamworks in HTML!


         Forward: W
         Backward: S
         Turn Left: A
         Turn Right: D
         HP Feed Gear: Q
         Score Gear: E
         Shoot: SHIFT
         Forward: I
         Backward: K
         Turn Left: J
         Turn Right: L
         HP Feed Gear: U
         Score Gear: O
         Shoot: ENTER

The sliders when initially opening control robot attributes, including shot speed, accuracy, range, and drive speed. To restart, press f5.
Download, unzip, open the HTML file and have fun!

Start screen:

Playing field:

This is really cool.

There are a couple of weird things including robot collisions and the bounds not being entirely correct, but other than that its quite neat.

Good job!


I’m convinced you’ve played the perfect game.

This looks super cool! I’m unable to press the Start button, anyone know why that might be?

Very happy to have a FRC game that can be played on Chromebooks! Was waiting for one!!

Not quite perfect

I figured out you can climb. No one will top 660 without having the other robot score for them.

Broke 9000

Nice game! It does lag some when shooting. Gear scoring is a bit tricky, but the peg is the small circle near the center davit(closest to the wall).

I found you have to be lined up just right for the gear to score. It’s a little sensitive to the robot not being straight on.

Thanks! It’s been about a week and a half in development.

It’s just a div, clicking anywhere on the darker grey should start the game. Let me know if you run into this more, please.

I’m just glad it runs on my laptop :rolleyes:

There are pegs everywhere there would be pegs on the real field.

It checks for x and y within a certain range, but what it really cares about is the angle at which the robot is at- that’s how it knows which (x,y) values to check for. It’s within 7.5*, so 15* total range where it’s acceptable.

Am I cool yet?


I could’ve gone higher, but I know I need to stop posting on this thread.

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Not to be that guy but…

Okay, 1/4 of my posts are on this thread.

I propose the formation of a committee dedicated to finding the absolute highest score possible in this game.

I’m just gonna grind for the next 2 hours and post my highest score in the morning tomorrow, then I’ll be done here.

My highest without changing the settings at all is 625, my highest with changing the settings is 662.

Once you can change the settings, it becomes entirely about how many points you get in auton. It basically does with the stock settings as well but there is some amount of effort required to max out the score otherwise.

Edit: Hit 675 just now. Lucky break in auton.

Edit 2: 686. I’m going to bed.

Auton strategy: One gear, then dump all 3 hoppers on the far side. Make two passes, first across the “top”, second along the wall, shooting while you make the second pass. Hold shift, wait until you see if the KpA broke 200, then either play on or refresh.

This is amazing