Top Down Steamworks!


I mean… not to brag but XD
(This includes penalties)


Version 1.1 is out!

         Final Score Screen (shows score breakdown)
         Bleachers around the field with audience

Next up: some sort of week based limiter on robot properties ( to more accurately simulate build season).


It’s not letting me download using chrome. Says malicious download. :confused:


You should be able to click on the little arrow and then “keep”. I don’t know why it says that .-.


It says that when I download it from drive.

I managed to get it to work by adding it to my gdrive then using my chromebook files app, moving it from drive to downloads. But others are saying that they can’t download it on chrome, and they don’t have that workaround if they don’t have a chromebook.


Ok, so when it says that the file may be dangerous, there is a little arrow next to the ‘discard’ option. Clicking on the arrow should give the option to keep the file.

Got 655
Great game you made.


What does the vision slider do? Also there appears to be a gear stuck every time near the HP station on the blue side (Right side of the field)


Vision makes the robot auto-lock to target.
Yeah, I can do something about that


Played the penalty game


Got 669. I think its a high score


Are you supposed to hold down a button to turn/move or just tap? I am having this weird phenomenon where occasionally I have to hold the button down and other times when I tap the button it keeps turning/moving (and I doubt this is intentional, but I may be wrong).


I found the answer to my queries, the game is much more enjoyable now!


I think I have the current non-penalty high score with a score of 689. Fittingly, with this score I got 254 kPa in auto :wink:


New high score?

Broke 700!


On V1.1 it seems if you increase the speed 3 and 4 clicks you will not be able to play a full game. After auto ends the sound plays, but score screen shows.


Cranked all the sliders to the max and got crazy.


I know that I’m bumping this topic, but I found this game because of the new *FIRST *Power Up game, and I thought that I’d share my personal high score. :slight_smile: I was the only player in this game, btw.


Wow, I get the chance to post my score without being the guy to revive a long dormant thread.

I imagine this score won’t last long but I figured I’d claim my 15 minutes of fame before it’s too late.


Well, I have a new personal high score. 1006 Red, 280 Blue.