Top FRC matches with Bot Sterling

The 2016 Colorado Regional featured some pretty epic quarterfinal matches between the number 2 and 7 seed alliances. They had everything that a good set of elimination rounds need: tight scores, serious robot damage, a tiebreaker match, and a good deal of controversy (courtesy of 2 yellow cards). And don’t forget, Bot Sterling (with his face of steel)!

To celebrate our team’s first trip into eliminations we made a parody of StudioC’s original Scott sterling videos.

“The great wall…of sterling!”

This is hysterical.

Props to your video team!

P.S. You should probably upload this to youtube for better exposure (although I don’t know how copyright would work in this case).

This is fantastic, the last shot had me short of breath.

By far the best name for a defensive robot and a great video!

I needed this today. You have no idea how badly I needed this. Simply the best.

Thank you. Seriously.

(FYI for everyone, source material

Well done.

Interesting highlight video for a season.

This brightened my day. It’s rare that CD posts something genuinely amusing, without it being cringey. Good job.

Before this video creates a rather bad image of my team I would like to explain that the video is a parody not 4418’s top moments of the season.

This is in no way a video saying “Ha! We played defense and caused someone to under-perform!” but rather a video that will increase awareness of my team and FRC in a (hopefully) funny way.

Every part of this video had to be carefully put together and I cannot believe how well everything came out timing wise, from the robot driving into the courtyard during the introduction to our robot ending up on the ground, it was all vital for the video to have the needed humor and natural flow.

This is simply a masterpiece! I haven’t laughed this hard in a while, Thanks for sharing.:smiley:

This is great!

This is beautiful.

Y’all are visionaries.

In the event that you really don’t like watching someone get hurt (like me), I highly recommend not watching the original.

Edit: Its fake, thank goodness.

We have posted the video youtube! Please share it with anyone you would think would be interested!

This is ******** hilarious.

More Scott Sterling if anybody wants:

This is amazing!! :smiley:

“Let’s go back to BOT STERLING; The bot, the myth, the LEGEND!!!”

This is hysterical, thank you for sharing

Can’t believe I somehow didn’t see this for two days. 11/10 would pick again.

That was dope! And hilarious. Yours was one of my favorites in Colorado, and those matches were epic.