Top Hall of Fame 2019 Contenders

Hi everyone, I was wondering the common consensus for whom you think will be the next teams in the Hall of Fame by winning their respective championship chairman’s awards. I do conduct FRC research into chairman’s awards by regional and district championship but it’s much more informative when I can hear stories and what others think based off of experience rather than just statistical fact. Personally, I believe that 2468 is a great contender for Houston and 1241 for Detroit, but I’d love to hear what you all think. I also run a YouTube channel, the same as my chief name, where I discuss FRC topics such as this. Thank you in advance for your input.

I would 100% say that team 66 has a good chance at becoming hall of fame this year after watching thier video and interacting with them in the pits it is clear to any who sees them and what they’ve done in Ypsilanti Michigan that they embody the spirit of FIRST.

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They definitely do a great amount and give off that Wolverines feel to them. Their story of reforming a community is truly one of the greatest things about FIRST

The only thing preventing me from predicting them outright is the fact that a FiM team just won CCA last season. I’m not sure how much that matters, though.

In 2018 Teams 1816 ( and 2220 ( , both from Minnesota were Chairman’s Award Finalists at the Detroit Championship. Both of them do awesome work, and hopefully one of them can bring home an Einstein Banner to Minnesota this year!




The one thing about that is that no Chairman’s finalist has been back-to-back YET. They have a great shot though. Also, 503 just won district chairman’s again, with their resume and with what they do, it’s not impossible


Location and previous winners should have exactly 0 impact on your chances at CCA. If a team gets shafted on winning a CCA because a team from their area won it last year, then FIRST has failed the community on a fundamental level.


A counter to 1241 as much as they have supported us and were mentioned in our video. Is that they have already missed it at their first event this year at Waterloo to 5672 (First Nations-STEM) so I do not believe that it is a firm lock for them even in Ontario.

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It’s time for 1902 to become a HoF team.


One other great thing about the chairman’s award is that there are many things that can be used to be recognized for it. 27 won it for establishing National Advocacy, 597 won it for spreading STEM and reforming a community (something 66 is doing) and teams can also get it for spreading FRC into a new area: 254, 359, 987, 1311, 2614, 3132, etc.

Given the championship chairman’s award finalist has only been around for 2 years now, we’ll have to see. As long as the no winning it twice comes from actual reasons, not just the common unspoken rule of “you won this here last year so we’re spreading it around.”

Of course there’s no unwritten rule, MI has 4 California has 3 (4 if you count the unattractive 22) and yet MI won the last one

I can’t speak for the judges, but a number of prominent chairman’s teams that are in the regional system to not go to the same events every year because of this unwritten rule. I’m not discounting anyone who has won it, that’s great, but what is the point of chairman’s finalist awards if you’re going to deny them from it, or the full award the next year.

I couldn’t agree more

The judges may have a specific reason/expectation provided that we are unaware of.

Maybe the other finalists were a step away from receiving it but needed to prove that their efforts were sustainable, not one time things.

This isn’t a claim that the finalists in any year are deficient in some way but I’m just saying there’s no reason why Finalists MUST receive CCA. They’re two different, although heavily related awards.

I would not be surprised to see 1885 take it at Detroit, especially after being 2017 finalists and clearly keeping up the culture with success in their district, or 2096 who was a finalist last year and has done a lot for FIRST in Israel. Other contenders: 66, 1816 or 1241 (I know they didn’t win it at their first event, but neither did 1816 when they were a finalist last year).

As for Houston, teams like 1902, 2468 and 1868 come to mind (but I am definitely less familiar with this region).


My personal preference would be 1678. Their resources have helped us the most of the current contenders.

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My bets are on 2468. They’ve been really close for the past few years and I really think this is the year for them to take it.

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I could see 2096 taking it home to Israel. They won District Chairman’s at their first event and while watching their video, I was pretty impressed at what they do. I do remember our team taking part in a national effort to raise awareness for STEM in the past couple of years.