Top High Schools & FIRST

I am looking at the “2007 List of Top High Schools in the USA” as reported by U.S. News from last week
and I wondered how many of these schools are part of FIRST.

I only know the NYC schools and they are (from the TOP):
Stuyvesant HS (Team 695)
Bronx Science HS (Team 1155)
Staten Island Tech HS (Team 375)
Brooklyn Tech HS (Team 334)
All great schools with great FRC teams.

I bet many other schools on this list is part of the FIRST community.
Take a lookand point them out to us!

I know that team 125 (the Nutrons) has a lot of students from Boston Latin School (19).

We’re not that high, but team 846, the Funky Monkeys from Lynbrook HS in San Jose are ranked 73rd.

#10 Preuss School Ucsd San Diego County, La Jolla, California is team 812 midnight mechanics

They’ve won Regional Chairman’s before too

Monta Vista HS (MVRT 115) is ranked 59th

Others that I recognized, besides 846:
Mission San Jose HS(2489): 49th
Gunn HS (192): 66th
Saratoga HS (649): 72nd
Palo Alto HS (8): 85th

Whitney Young Magnet School has participated for several years and other Chicago schools on the list may be starting rookie teams this year. Stevenson High School has had teams in the past.

Suncoast Community High School #51 (Team 179)

None of the schools from Maryland seem to have a team…hmm…

#1, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology], does not have a team, and not for a lack of trying. Other Fairfax County schools have been attempting to start a team at TJ for years (almost a decade), but the school hasn’t been interested.

#37 Langley High (FRC611)
#88 Oakton High (FRC623)
Both do.
(Any way to check the list from 101-500 like in previous years?)

I noticed that Davidson Magnet School in Augusta, GA made the list (84). Davidson is a fine arts magnet. It was the only school in Georgia to make the list.

My sister is a Davidson graduate. Like all Davidson students she spent most of her extracurricular time practicing performing arts (dance, in her case) – but like many others she went on to earn a science degree (U. of Georgia) and has pursued a technical career. My mother was an English teacher at Davidson for many years.

I am dismayed to see that Davidson does not have an FRC team. Other fine arts magnets schools (1939, for example) have FRC teams.

Is anyone working to develop new FRC teams in the Augusta (Central Savannah River) area?

La Cañada HS (#95), in La Cañada-Flintridge, CA has a rookie team (FRC2429) supported by JPL.

So, the question I have is what factor (s) is/are key in those schools where a FRC team cannot get traction. Students (lack of interest?), teachers , admin or school board support lacking.

The Charter School of Wilmington (Delaware), #41, doesn’t have it’s own team but 14 or so of it’s students are on MOE 365. They do have three FTC teams.

The amazing part is when some of these schools have their name up there because of a FIRST team - even if they are not listed here and they are somewhere in the top 1000. Another amazing part is when the school is doing horrible but the demographics of the FIRST team is completely opposite (i.e. amazing).

  1. California Academy Of Mathematics And Science is team 687

Probably too much other stuff going on in the school.

Take CT for example. We have what? 31 (active) FRC teams for 2008 in CTalone.
Yet there are no schools from CT in the top 100 on that list. :frowning:

I’d like to think that if the students on the FIRST teams were tested seperately than the other students in the schools the FIRST program is at, we would see a few in the top 100.

I know that sounds kind of that I am saying students in the FIRST programs are more “elite” than the general population overall, or outside the FIRST programs at HS’s across the country, but those with the dedication needed to tackle FIRST & the time to spend with some extra curricular activities that stimulate the mind as much as FIRST does, I would expect higher rankings from them.


They do however have a BotBall team.

You forgot our girls :cool: .

I strongly encourage people to take lists such as this about as seriously as they take “the top 1000 songs of all time” or the “top 100 movies of the year” lists. They are, perhaps, good for entertainment and discussion purposes, and there are likely some very good high schools (or songs, or movies) on the list, but summarizing a school based on a few test results and limited demographic information is kind of like summarizing a person based on their final exam scores in English and Math. (I’m not saying this doesn’t happen… I’m just saying it is so far from comprehensive as to be essentially irrelevant.)

The US News criteria does attempt to go a bit further than some lists of this nature, by taking into account demographic information of the students, but how they weight these factors and others is purely arbitrary.

So while generating a list like this is good business for US News (heck… I went to their site to look for their criteria) I wouldn’t put too much weight on it.


It was nice to see some FL schools with FIRST teams on the list. Suncoast and Team 179 have been mentioned. I’d like to recognize our good friends on Team Resistence: 86. Their school, Stranton College Prep in Jacksonville, was rated #9. Team 86 produces consistently competitive, amazing robots.