Top Layer Bumper Cover

We have bumpers, and we wanted to put Ripstop nylon on them. However, this material is not very strong. We were thinking of putting a sleeve over our bumpers with the Ripstop nylon. Would this be legal as long as the team number is showing and they are covering the perimeter of the robot? :confused:

Its hard to answer your question…since you don’t state what color anything is. I think the rules are pretty clear in that the entire bumper must be red or blue as appropriate, except for the contrasting color numbers.

We found great bumper material (1000 DENIER NYLON DYNAMITE ) at and they delivered pretty quickly (though they only had to ship 80 miles) The colors are excellent red and blue matches to alliance colors. It was also about 1/2 the price of Cordura a other suppliers.

I would suggest you stick to the fabric recommended in the bumper section of the manual. It is the result of several years of watching bumpers torn apart. You don’t want to have your bumper material or pool noodles falling out on the floor during a match. Ripstop nylon is not the same as 1000 dernier nylon fabric or cordura.

The Ripstop Nylon covers would be a second layer over the recommended cloth, and it would be the correct color. This second layer wouldn’t cover all of the bumpers (only one side).

Hmm… I don’t know about two layers one one side and one layer on the other. I suppose it’s fine as long as it’s the right color.

Please review the comments in this thread: re bumper colors, base color and cover color. Note especially comments by Dave Lavery and by inspectors.

Is the material see through? If not then you seem to be designing for the alternative color rule in the bumper section of the manual, <R12> B.

B. Alternately, the ROBOT may use changeable BUMPER covers. The BUMPER covers
Each ROBOT may be built with two complete sets of interchangeable BUMPERS, one red and one blue. If this method is chosen, the BUMPERS must be identical except for the color of the covering fabric (see Rule <R07-F>).
− may be removable, reversible, or fixed
− must completely enclose the BUMPERS
− must show only a single color such that when the BUMPER covers are in use, only fabric of the assigned ALLIANCE color may be visible.
− must be constructed solely of fabric and a fastening/restraining system to hold the cover in place. The fastening/restraining system must extend no further than one inch beyond the FRAME PERIMETER (i.e. no further than any other hard parts of the BUMPER - see Rule <R07-N>). Please note that the fastening/restraining system MUST be designed with robust performance in mind. The restraints must hold the removable cover in place during vigorous interactions with other ROBOTS and FIELD elements during the MATCH without allowing the cover to come off.