Top Michigan Bots?

So far from what you have seen.
Who are the best Shooters, Dumpers, Rookies, Defensive and All around bots of michigan?

Were you at the State Championship?

Most of the good bots were there, and I’m sure if you went you came up with your own list of robots that is probably similar to this one.

217, 503, 469, 70, 494, 910
1918, 68, 245, 326, 1, 280, 1250, 67
2771, 2832, 2834, 2851, 3115, 3119
2619, 3095, 3098, 247**!!, 858, 1254, 1596, 3119
Empty Cell and Super Cell
27, 226
!!**, 818, 2832, 2834, 3119
Awesome Human Player
27, 33
Best All Around
217, 1918, 68, 245, 326, 503, 1701, 67

However my memory is fuzzy and this is just my personal list, not one supported in any way by Team 67’s scouting data.

Yeah I was there. There are so many good robots to choose from lol

my fav dumper is 68
rookie: 2834, 3115, 3098
shooter: 503/217/67/3115/469
Dumper: 68/247/280/910
empty cells: 226/2834
defensive:3095, 3119
all around: Everyone at States
I have so many that I just can name all at once.

910 is not a shooter guys. They’re robot is more of a power dumper.

910 in action:

thanks i fixed it

I would consider 67 as a power dumper… I fee lto be consider a shooter, you have a one ball turret piece on your robot. But, everyone is entitled to judge what a robot is.

Actually, our robot used to be a turreted shooter. Over the course of the build season, we all were planning on having a turreted shooter. As a programmer, I know that a lot of my time was dedicated to programming the turret and making it work. Despite frequent jamming problems stemming from the fact that we were trying to funnel the balls from our triple wide ball collector to our narrow ball silo, when we bagged the 'bot at the end of the build season it was still a turreted shooter.

I personally thought we would have a bad year this year, similar to 2006. (Gasp!:eek:)

After a couple meetings, we decided that we should use the Robot Access Period before Cass Tech to get rid of the turret and widen the silo so it could fit two balls side by side. We did this very efficiently by using basically the exact same parts, only twice as wide. After we did this, the robot worked wonderfully.

That is also the reason we have a pretty unique design, with a hopper in the front and a fixed double wide spitter in the back. I’ve only recognized one other team (228) with this design.

I rememeber Adam running that all by me, at Cass Tech… Very good decision, if you ask me :yikes:

I definitely agree

Yea it was a great decision. I’m on the PIT crew, and we were the ones that did the modifications. It was crazy in the build room that day trying to get it all done on time. Luckly we have that water jet or those parts would have taken alot longer to make.

It was alot of work, but it paid off. We don’t jam like we used to, and we can shoot/hold twice as many balls.:smiley:

217 was also a great bot. They really helped us out at time, and we did the same for them. I also liked 27’s bot, but they didn’t get picked in eliminations which was a bummer.

yea 27 does have a sweet bot

Powerdump: 67
Mobility: 245 (speed), 247 (no one pushes Da Bears)
Defense: 1250 (they beat the 67-217 alliances twice with good strategical alliance picks that they could play defense with), 247 (just… wow), 1188 (biased, but i feel we were great at pinning opportunity’s especially considering no traction control)
Shooter: 217 (if they count despite them mostly dumping from my look at it), 503 (little more range it seemed)
Human Player: 1
Cells: 2834

also, so deserving notes.
Creative/Complex Design: 469
Simplicity (really simplistic and very effective design): 1918 (i just loved it lol), 1188 (biased again, but… look at our robot lol, built in like 7 hours, all students)