Top-Notch Webcomics!

In response to this thread as well as the other media threads, I’m curious about everyone’s favorite webcomics.

To start, I suggest The Norm, by Michael Jantze. I’ve mentioned him before…I was originally introduced to the comic from another FIRSTer. From what I remember he is in newspaper circulation in the Northwest US, but co-publishes his comics on the web. (Psst…If you dig back enough, you’ll find out the cartoonist & the main character are Mac junkies, for all you Mac fans out there).

I’ll post more once I get back from work, because all my links are in my favorites at the dorm…

(warning: highly repetitive from the other thread)

I’m a big fan of UZC. Basically, one of the dudes on one of the web sites I go to created a comic containing folks from the forums.

Except they’re animals.

Sometimes there are some inside jokes in the comic, but overall it’s still pretty darn funny without prior knowledge.

I very much enjoy User Friendly ( and Schlock Mercenary (… Fun stuff.

So I did say I’d post more once I got back to the dorm…

First, the ones I used to read in the paper…all of these are from
9 Chickweed Lane
For Better or For Worse
Jump Start
Rose is Rose
One Big Happy

And then you have your true webcomics…be forewarned, not all are PG all the time.

College Roomies from H-ll!!! - My absolute favorite serial webcomic out there. Doesn’t make much sense (at all, sometimes), but Martiza Campos is an amazing storyteller. If I’m awake around 1am, I will usually wait until 2 am for her to post the new one, it’s that good.

Sinfest - Although the name throws the new reader off, Tatsuya Ishida continually puts out some of the wittiest stuff online. Although every cartoonist has an off-day, it’s rare for Sinfest to be anything but stellar.

I’m not a big fan of comics myself, but I do enjoy some Calvin and Hobbes and of course, everyone’s favorite comic engineer, Dilbert.

I like it’s such a funny comic. Great stuff.
There was another one, but I’ll have to get it from my friend Jamie.
I forgot it…I’ll post it as soon as I can! :slight_smile:

Oh wow. I love web-comics. Especially the off-color ones :slight_smile: <-- Sh**house is one of my favorites :smiley:

There are a few more… but I forget.

I’ll second Penny Arcade, and throw in a Control, Alt, Delete.

Two guys I know do this one: Funny comics :stuck_out_tongue:

Cant forget Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic

I haven’t met someone who reads more webcomics than me.
Penny Arcade
Extermintus Now
Crikey Duck
Joe Loves Crappy Movies
Suicide for Hire
Caveat Lector
The Lounge

WARNING: Some of these may not be ‘work friendly’. View at your own discretion.
Boy on a Stick and Slither
Scary Bear
Little Gamers
The Creatures In My Head
White Ninja

Top 5 (in no particular order):
Penny Arcade
Chugworth Academy
Press Start to Play
Bob and George
VG Cats

And props to The FIRST Team for my signature.

Mac Hall

Perry Bible (note: not for kids)

two very funny strips.

:eek: I forgot VG Cats! I feel silly now. But my total is 13.

I can’t believe nobody has mentioned some of the best webcomics ever made:

The Rogues Gallery
Ruins of the Fourth Wall
Dinosaur Comics (
Get Blue Spheres

You may also want to go to

Never heard of them, sorry.

Ctrl+Alt+Del ( ) or ( )
and VG Cats ( )