Top-Notch Webcomics!

Let’s see now…

  1. VG Cats
  2. Chugworth Academy
  3. God Mode
  4. actually, I can’t remember what the others were… A must read for any D&D geek Carefull with this one. It’s very dark humor, but also my favorite.

One of my favs:
Questionable Content ( )
Don’t let the name fool you, it has very little actually questionable content

I agree. Questionable Content is certainly a great comic.

I also read Medium Large, Penny Arcade, San Antonio Rock City (by the same guy who does the Coffee Achievers and Nothing Nice To Say, which are both now defunct but I used to read them, too), VG Cats, Perry Bible Fellowship, and Diesel Sweeties.

I highly recommend Medium Large. It’s done by Francesco Marculiano, of Sally Forth fame, and deals with a lot of pop culture… just great stuff.