Top Region Lists + Tonight 8pm ET: FUNalysis, FRCTop25, FUN After Dark

Awesome lineup tonight on FUN!

Watch and chat live:

8pm ET: FUNalysis with Karthik, Mason, and Nick. Match breakdowns and analysis from events around the FRC community. See which strategies our experts think will hold up into the rest of the FRC season.

Expect to see breakdowns from: San Diego Regional, IN St. Joeseph district, Heartland Regional. AZ North was covered live on GameDay Live! and you can view it here

9pm ET: FRCTop25 will count down the Top 25 teams for week 2 as voted on by nearly 300 community members. Giveaway during this show: Set of Batthawk’s from FRC1720! The top region specific teams are posted below and are based off of the FRCTop25 voting. Please note this is where a team ranked in their specified region specified on our region recap shows. Making this list does not mean that a team made the FRCTop25 but we want to recognize these teams nonetheless.

**10:30pm ET: FUN After Dark. ** Late night uncensored variety show where you will see rants from both the hosts and audience. You can call in via our discord server

Region Rankings as voted by the FRC community. Let us know your thoughts!

FRC Top 10 for US Northeast Week 2 Rankings
**1 225
2 88
3 230
4 25
5 2168
6 708
7 1629
8 1640
9 747
10 222

FRC Top 10 for US South/Southeast Week 2 Rankings
**1 16
2 179
3 3310
4 180
5 59
6 1885
7 624
8 116
9 1418
10 1731

FRC Top 10 for FIRST in Michigan Week 2 Rankings
**1 2767
2 3357
3 4003
4 3452
5 217
6 3620
7 494
8 2474
9 5674
10 68

FRC Top 10 for US North / Canada Central / Canada East Week 2 Rankings
**1 2481
2 2451
3 4539
4 1730
5 1259
6 1024
7 1806
8 2052
9 71
10 4522

FRC Top 10 for US West / Canada West Week 2 Rankings
**1 254
2 1538
3 2122
4 1619
5 842
6 987
7 1011
8 1836
9 2471
10 2659

FRC Top 3 for Mexico Week 2 Rankings (teams played abroad)
**1 4635
2 4603
3 4400

FRC Top 5 for Israel Week 2 Rankings (ISR #1 and ISR #2)
**1 1574
2 1577
3 2630
4 1690
5 3339

FRC Top 5 for International Week 2 Rankings (Teams not in AUS, ISR, or North America)
**1 4481
2 5883
3 1884
4 1797
5 5453

What’s the topic for last caller standing tonight?

Not sure yet, might not have one. We’re experimenting with different formats so let us know what you think about tonight’s airing. If you have suggestions for a topic fire away!

I like the addition of region lists. With FRC as big as it is now it’s hard to watch everything and really come up with an accurate top 25 list.

I noticed there was not an inclusion of the WOW Region on this list. Representation from PA, and upstate New York teams are a big deal, especially with Finger Lakes coming on so strong. Personally I believe teams like 340 deserve a spot somewhere on this list for their efficiency, especially in WOW. Miami Valley teams were thrown under the bus here.

This is a week 2 list. Miami Valley was week 1, and there was no New York regional this week either.

I really like the new format, it allows lesser known teams from regions to get a bit more exposure. As a random aside question: Is Maryland now part of NE? 1629 is on the NE list and I though CHS was part of the Southern recap.

Ah, I thought this was an overall compilation of teams at their regionals. My mistake. I thought this accumulated week to week.

You are correct I put this state in the wrong region. This will be updated for week 2 (also if you see any others let me know). Thank you for the heads up :). I had to sort by each state and assign a region and then manually split PA because of WOW so there might be some errors I didn’t catch.

Just to confirm that Top 10 lists are based on the team’s geographic home location, not where the event was located. IE Michigan teams who played in Indiana would be eligable to show up in the FIM poll.

But like, can we make MD part of NE instead? :wink:

Beyond stoked to see our friends 708 in the top 10 for the North East. Couldn’t think of a more deserving group.

How is 68 ranked and 4130 Isint? 4130 was the 2nd alliance captain and we picked 68. I guess I’m not catching onto something…

Can’t comment directly on this as I do not vote nor did I watch this specific event but typically the most common reason for why “X team was voted higher than my team” are:

  1. More people know about 68 than your team and are positioned to think of 68 over 4130 .
    Solution: Start building on a history of solid performances and start promoting your team more so they are positioned to think of 4130 more often (this not only applied to FRCTop25 polls but to other things like alliance selections as well).

  2. The other robot was actually better than your robot in performance. Just because you are the captain doesn’t mean you have a better robot.

I usually won’t be looking up where teams landed in the region polls but 4130 landed 14th. Not too far off. Start having consistent performances and I would guess that you will see your team higher in the rankings.

Personally I enjoy the free-fire, no topic discussions. I’ll have to call in again!


Your equanimity is commendable.

I may be biased but I think 5842 should be on the southeast list, the only reason I could see them not being is there a bit inconsistent. Maybe they just didn’t get the votes, either way, ill be watching.

Thank you for taking the time to inform me. I really appreciate it.

Lets see how good you are at keeping spoilers Tyler. Did any of the international teams make the Top 25? :yikes:

A little disappointed not to see 2502 make the list, but just more motivation for them to improve!

Thank you Tyler for putting all this work into making FUN possible

Can we make Virginia, their own FIRST program separate from all others??!!! Oh wait, we already have that!!!:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

Nuclear take.