Top regional winners

Correct. 1986 is currently at 11 regional wins.

Always a shocker to people when we tell everyone we have won more division wins than regional wins… (2-1)

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1671 has more World Championship wins than Regional Wins (1-0).

Some of the match data from that year just doesn’t really exist. Or it’s in really weird formats. Or it’s just flat out wrong. (On FIRST’s own pages)

I had to check this to believe it, that’s so cool.:eek:

Just weird that it happened over multiple events in the same year. Some FMS bug or something?

You must be great at parties.

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I’m working on building an open data portal for my day job and it has functionality in it where you would be able to chart by columns, so you could do on the fly charting based on whatever you wanted to see (such as # of matches played, number of teams by year, a team’s average event score… Would something like that be a cool idea or something that you wouldn’t be interested in? I can push it up to github as a feature request if so.

Possible. Also possible that the events didn’t have internet and the data was never saved. Or that it was corrupted. I mean, that was 10 years ago.

Why not? I can think of several scenarios in which that could happen.

2005 was the first year of a new FMS. There were some issues with data reporting that year.

Unless FIRST is changing alliances this year, only 3 of those 4 can be on the #1 alliance.

I’ve seen 4 team alliances before as well (pssst, check your signature).

Not at the Waterloo Regional, though.
Edit: Never mind. (Think before you post)

Ontario is a strange place.

We just had an off-season event where 1310 didn’t even make it to the eliminations despite being North Bay Regional winners, possessing a solid 3 tote auto, and a good landfill robot capable of putting up multiple capped, noodled 6-stacks.

Anything’s possible… (except 2056 losing a regional)

FLR 2005 had a very rough event with the Hatch scoring system that year.
Thank God for Joe Ross.