Top Row in Logomotion/Rack N Roll vs Highest Scale Position

What was the height in the highest row in logomotion/rack n roll, and how does it stack up to the lifting challenge for this years game?

I’ve been watching a lot of matches from 2007 and 2011, and I’m trying to think about how the competition level/effectiveness of scale scorers in an early regional will compare to earlier lifting games.

I know that even at the world championships the average robot only scored 1.7 tubes in 2011 (thanks Karthik). So taking the height/difficulty difference into account, what does that mean for the average cubes scored in the scale might be for the different levels of play in the Power Up season?

I would hesitate before comparing the two games. With Logomotion, you had to hit a fairly small target while driving towards yourself and looking up at a very awkward angle at the target right up against the driver station glass. With this game, you have a relatively large target that’s at midfield.

Google was my friend:

Logomotion, the highest peg was 111".

“The spiders are located at approximately 24 inches, 58 inches, and 92 inches above the floor”

I have to agree with this. Manipulating the tubes onto the spider legs was HARD. they wobbled back and forth significantly as well. dropping a cube over a railing that is wider than the cube should be easy by comparison.

On the other hand, the tubes were a lot lighter, so mechanisms to get them up there were a lot easier to construct. I’m not sure our '11 arm would scale well to a 4lb cube.

What about Triple Play? The tetras were probably about the same weight and I think the center goal was about the same height. Or is that too far back to make a good comparison?

If I remember correctly, Einstein final 2 had 20 tetras scored vs 17 for our alliance.

For the 2005 Archimedes division:

Average Tetras Capped by a single team per match: 2.9
Max Average Tetras Capped by a single team per match: 5.8 (Team 217)
Max Tetras Capped by a single team: 7 (This ignored any teams who carried more than one tetra at a time, which was legal but relatively rare)

So how would you say these (or any stats for the lifting games discussed in this thread) could be applied to estimate cube scoring on the scale? (If they are at all applicable).