Top Scoring Robots?

ok so i was wondering if anyone had a list of the top scoring teams as far as scoring averages go. I do believe 973 was up there, but I was just wondering. It would be interesting to see what teams came out on top.

makes sense. does anyone know what teams had the top scoring average in Galileo?

Interesting, according to our scouting data the top moon rock scoring robots were:


Regardless, it was bordering on ridiculous that two of the top 5 scoring robots were not drafted until the 12th (2753) and 15th (1649) picks in the draft.

We never made a list after Friday due to a non recoverable ranking (bad alliance pairings), but from what I saw 111 was at the top because they could easily put up 70 points a match, 67 and 71 were close seconds. Not sure for actuality, however, these are my best guesses.

I agree that it is hard to scout this game.

For some reason, neither 2753 nor 1649 were on my list when I went on the field, despite the fact that I knew that both were good robots. Our team (1002) had never been in a position to pick, and we were very unprepared to pick, yet alone go up against the #1 Alliance.

But nonetheless, thanks to 107 and 2415 for putting up a decent fight.

I was wondering if anyone was considering defense in there scouting and if so, did you use it to pick your alliances?

 I know a lot of people think any robot that can simply drive can be defensive but there are more factors than that. Drive train, robot frame, driver's defensive experiences, speed, acceleration, traction control, wheel base, and driving style, to name a few immediate ones. At the AZ regional and Nationals I saw a huge lack interest in defensive robots. This disappointed me because our bot was, for the most part, was defensive and I think we did a good job at it. I want to know what everyone else thought about it and if you saw it same way?

If wanted I can post some of the scouting data gathered by 973. We have a purely data oriented scouting system. Any questions about it can be asked in a PM or IM to me. :slight_smile:

Well we all saw how being the top scoring bots turned out for most of these teams.

Our team designed a purely defensive/emptycell robot. We laughed when Xbot’s team coach showed their team’s scouting data which said that our robot scored 1 moon rock in our 3rd match.

My guess is that most alliance captains thought that an offensive bot could easily switch into pure defense/emptycell if needed, while a pure defense/emptycell bot could not score if needed.

Well, as far as i know we used defense in our scouting choices. Our scouts look at whether the base is narrow or wide but more on just how the team does in the matches and how they play defense. During the elim. alliance selections in Galileo we used that to choose 25 as the 3rd bot. Our scouts told us that they were a good defense bot.