top ten best teams in FIRST

I’m pretty new to FIRST and i was wondering what teams should be included in a list of the top ten best teams in FIRST for all time.:smiley:

It’s a few more than 10… But check out the FRC Hall of Fame

Hmmm that’s a tough one. 1114 is definitely 1st or close to it. 254 is good. 111, 2056, 233 are good. You could throw in 25, 180, and 16 (being world champions and all). Teams beyond that I’m not sure. I know a lot of good teams, but I don’t know if they’re in the top 10 or not. I guess it would depend on what makes a team “good”/“best”.

EDIT: How could I forget 341?

How on earth did you manage to miss 67? 1717? 469? 217? Point is, there is really not a specific list of “top teams in FIRST”. It varies year to year, and there’s much too many to list. Go look up FRC Top 25 or search through the forums for Top Teams by Decade or by number block. Can’t remember which.

What CalTran said is good

Here’s what I would think, but these are not necessarily the top 10 teams, they consistently build great robots
There’s definitely more than 10 though

Robonauts and Robowranglers would be two of my top ten…

Looking at robot histories, the only “locks” for such a list would be 71 and 67, who have won more Championships than anyone else. After that, there’s a large number of teams in the mix, including 1114, 254, 16, 469, 233, 47/51, 111, 217, and many others.

I think this is what you’re looking for.
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I guess the follow up question would be…who are the top 10 teams numbered 2056 or higher, with less than 10 years experience? Not including sister teams or spin off’s from other teams.

The FRC Hall of Fame is the most definite list that you are looking for. From there, there are far too many teams that are “top ten” worthy. Pretty much all elite tier teams are even with each other (though i like to think that 67 is on a whole new level by themselves).

For all time?
47, 67, 71, 111, 118, 254, 341, 365, 1114, 2056.
Unfortunately, not all these teams currently exist.

2 MI, 1 IL, 1 IN, 1 TX, 1 CA, 1 PA, 1 DE, 1 NY, 2 ONT.

I think this just highlights the problem with trying to create such a list. Several of the lists on this page manage to ignore 2056, who have won 14 consecutive regionals, beginning with their double regional winning debut in 2007, right up to their double membership in the triple regional club in 2011 and 2012. Not to mention 2 trips to Einstein, among other achievements.

There is a great deal of consensus though, that there exists a group of teams who are perennial powerhouses. 16, 25, 47/51/65, 67, 71, 111, 118, 148, 188, 217, 233, 254, 341, 469, 610, 1114, 1625, 1717, 2056, 2337, and more frequently end up on such lists.

I’d argue that the very best teams at the moment are: 67, 111 & 1114.
Followed by: 2056, 1717 and 341.
Oh and one team that doesn’t often make these lists, but should: 2826, wave robotic. In 2012 they were division finalisits, IRI winners, and had one of the best shooters in the world.

Too many ties to pick a top ten. 1717 is my favorite.

I recall a thread of this sort in the past, and it did not end up well. I have no problem recognizing great teams, but let’s use caution here folks with where we take this.

not in any particular order:
4334 (I think they deserve to be on this list)
2054 (I know its below 2056, but they’re a good team)
2046 (same)

I think it is telling that out of all the elite teams coming to Wisconsin this year (16, 71, 111), I may be most worried/excited about 2826…or maybe I’m just another victim of regional bias :slight_smile:

All Time? From the standpoint of most dominating robots… Here’s the top 6 that come to mind.

71 - 2002
47 - 1998 (?)
1114 - 2010
341 - 2012
1717 - 2012
67 - 2009

I would include 1114 - 2008.

If by top ten best teams you mean teams most likely to go far in the Championship eliminations, then here’s my list:

  1. 67
  2. 1114
  3. 2056
  4. 254
  5. 217
  6. 233
  7. 111
  8. 469
  9. 987
  10. 1717

Honorable Mention(ordered by team#): 16, 25, 177, 330, 2826

Obviously this is a subjective list, but I would say the a few of these, particularly the top 4, would be in almost any top 10 list.

If by best teams you meant most influential teams, then I would look at the FIRST HoF.