Top Ten list for Rebound Rumble?

Did they make a top ten list for Rebound Rumble?


off the top of my head, with order attempts tried:

  1. Your fantasy fundraiser: You, Dean, a truck full of e-watt FIRST Saver bulbs, the las vegas strip
  2. You come home and empty your pockets to find bolts, nuts, and 2 Dew caps.
  3. You spend time doodling balancing robots on the Golden Gate Bridge

There was a pie one, I forget the options. Wow my memory is bad.

#6 is so true for our team. Especially when it’s just out the window. Truly honored to be a FRC team in San Francisco.

It was something along the lines of:

“If someone asks you for your favorite kind of pie, you respond with 22/7”

When you think of pie some think cheddar over appler or vanilla over cherry. You think 22 over 7

I wish they would publish them somewhere

Something along the lines of:

Researchers have moved into your facilities to study the effects of sleep deprivation on the human species.

I have 9/10

  1. Each night upon emptying your pant pockets its the same story. A few bolts, a couple bearings, a 40 amp breaker, and 2 dew bottle caps

  2. Local researchers moved in to your build site to study the effects of sleep deprivation on the human species

  3. So inspired by Rebound Rumble, you have submitted a proposal to the NCAA that next season college basketball be played 3 on 3 with 18 basketballs and 4 hoops on each side of the court

  4. You sit in class doodling pictures of hundreds of robots balancing on the Golden Gate Bridge

  5. The first clue your 2012 robot had weight issues was on the co-op bridge when it launched your 2011 up and through the 3 point basket

  6. When asked for your preference of pie: a slice of cheddar over apple or a scoop of vanilla over cherry? Your response, 22 over 7

  7. When asked ‘who are your favorite three stooges?’ You reply, Cheniqua, Blair, and Mark (with a pic of the three of them)

  8. You long for early April showers, for they harken to thee one and only Woodie Flowers

  9. Your fantasy fundraiser: You, Dean, A convoy of 18 wheelers loaded with FIRST green e-watt saver bulbs, the Vegas Strip.

10 was your only news source is team updates and bills blog