Top Ten

Did anyone get the top ten list that was given on Einstein.

Nope, I was just gonna ask the same thing, too.

Funny, I also expected someone to post it on CD already…I loved it :slight_smile:

  1. You drink a case of Mountain Dew everyday to donate the bottles to your team’s fundraising effort

  2. You dream of being engaged to a fellow FIRSTer so you can register for gifts at the Innovation FIRST website

  3. You own a sign that states, “Will build robots for donuts”

  4. You consider initiating a Congressional hearing to clone Woodie Flowers Award winner Paul Copioli for each FIRST team

  5. You have drawn up plans for an appropriately scaled tetra that could be placed on one of the great pyramids of Egypt

  6. You realize that every movie you’ve watched over the past four years has been animated

  7. You seriously question the credibility of any college that doesn’t have a staff of distinguished looking professors with gray ponytails

  8. On a recent history test, you state that the Battle of Waterloo took place on March 26, 2005 in Ontario, Canada

  9. You have a recurring nightmare that all your qualifying matches are against three team 71’s and every person in the driver station looks just like Bill Beatty

  10. Your physics teacher will no longer accept the excuse: “But I was working on Dean’s homework assignment”

Haha, I knew somebody would of taken it down…

Thanks, Ogre!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So funny, yet, not so funny. :yikes:

Our team gave this one a standing ovation. We love team 71, but playing against them is not one of our favorite things to do.

Andy B.

Yeah I should know that first hand. We lost to them in the finals at Midwest. But we did beat them in a qualifying match at nationals so i guess that evens it self out. Also playing you guys is not a walk in the park either, Andy, even though we beat you guys this year, you did beat us twice in a row at Midwest.

Is it sad that when you look at this list a lot of it applies to you and your best friends? Is it even sadder that your parents think that it applies to you too?

I should of ask also what was the exact name for the top ten? I want to it post on our web site.

Thank you

#11 You are logged on to every time you open up your internet browser.

#12 When entering a school conference you write JVN on your “My name is:” sticker.

#13 You run away to the corner and lay in a fetal position when you see Andy Baker and Bill Beatty talking, even though they are not in the same division.

#14 You buy a Dean Simmons & the Kamens T-shirt, because there is nothing cooler than engineers playing rock music.

Me and a few team mates counted, five of those ten apply to me, and nine of the fourteen. :smiley: What would I do with out FIRST?


this list is just the greatest… knowing everyone on cd this list can reach over 100 in no time…


#15 You plan on getting the CIA to sponsor you so you can use them for scouting.

#16 You call your Significant Other by your robot’s name.


17. You value the autograph of an engineer like they were a rock star

Sad thing is that most of those things apply directly to me. :slight_smile: Though I did wonder, who is Bill Beaty? Sorry if I sound like the only one on the planet FIRST who doesn’t know, but I am curious.

lol, yep.

Bill Beatty is the 2001 WFA winner as well as the head mentor for team 71. And he’s my idol :slight_smile:

  1. When you wake up in a hard sweat thinking you missed the bus to Atlanta, get up and pack, then realize you haden’t even been to the first regional of the year.

#19 Every night you wake up from having a nightmare about a big polish kid wearing an afro. :ahh:

fear the fro

#20 In the off season you don’t know what to do…