I just wanted to compliment team 1519. At Beantown Blitz this Saturday they got 8 lines in hybrid mode multiple times, I was very impressed. Not only was the design on their speed bot amazing, they had a a very impresive hurdling machine too. As well as great designs, I found there team very gracious, professional and friendly.

Congrats on two great designs.

Yea, and I rarely or ever saw 8 lines in hybrid period even in the Elimination rounds in Atlanta.

Was auto mode longer than 15 seconds at the scrommage? The most lines I have heard of was 6 in auto. Could they get 8 during the season, or did they develop it afterward. 8 * 4 = 32 Thats a huge way to start a match.

I think they had issues getting their dual-robot configuration to pass inspection at competition, so they never ran the small one.

Great job on the auto, that sounds mindnumbingly fast! Any video?

Oh… Is this that speed racer robot? I think I remember seeing a video of it. Sad they couldnt get it to work for regionals, but great job for sticking with it and making it work.

At Beantown Blitz, hybrid was the regulation 15 seconds. The team had this working at the end of build season, and posted video of it. We’re working on video from Beantown, so you can see it on a real field with other robots.

After seeing 1519’s 8 line hybrid mode I think that the ultimate alliance would be 1114, 968 and 1519’s speed bot. In a good match they could get almost 80 points in hybrid mode, 1114 could hurdle 6 times, 968 could hurdle 5 times and 1519 could get 13 or 14 laps. Based on this they would score 216 points. Obviously that is an ideal match, but they would still score a lot every time they played.

Or maybe 254 instead of 968. They have basically the same robot.

Again I would like to congratulate 1519. You guys were absolutely incredible!! The judges saw fit to give both of your robots awards, and I think that alone should make you guys stand proud. It was great having both of your robots there, they were VERY impressive (you should consider coming to the boston regional next year). Congrats on the dual config robot and the 2 individual robots that dominated beantown!

The driver of speed racer was very, very good. One of the best I have seen in a while.

Thank you. this was actually my first year driving =] but i did get a bit of practice in.

Drivers have a lot to do with success. Both 968 and 254 had a lot of success, but having watched both of them on many occasions this year, I would considers 968’s drivers a little better, I’d give a slight edge to 968 when picking an alliance.

We have just got some video up of speed racer’s 7 line hybrid 13 lap telly op.


WOW the speed racer bot was awesome! It would have been awesome to see 1519 pick themselves at BTB. That alliance would have been hard to beat!

I was extremely surprised that 9151 didn’t hold out to play with there other half 1519.

Sounds like what we did at Merrimack in 2006. Maybe at Mayhem in Merrimack 2008…:wink:

wow, that’s fast! Scoring 54 points by yourself is a nice accomplishment, especially when you don’t handle any game pieces. I liked the fact that the other half of your robot was on the other alliance. “…call it a hunch, but i think 1519 is gonna win this match”

To put a 54 point match in perspective, only two teams averaged at least 54 points per match on Friday on the Galileo field at Championship. (95.2 & 55.6 points per match)

Of the 426 individual team performances on Friday in Galileo, there were only 29 occurrences of at least 54 points. (That’s less than 7%) These 29 performances were recorded by 13 teams. When we look at the teams who did this in more than one match, the number drops to 5.

What I’m trying to say is that Speed Racer’s performance at Beantown Blitz, was one of the best offensive performances of the season, only being matched or outdone by teams including 25, 195, 121, 217, 254, 330. Simply put, Speed Racer is very, very good.

So, with Karthik’s information in mind, what are the chances 1519 use speed racer at IRI instead of their hurdler?

It might throw a wrench into IRI to have such an awesome lap bot (especially now that 148’s gone) instead of just another hurdler. Something to think about.

Best of luck to 1519 either way.

I’m psyched for IRI

It depends on if we have room, and we will hopefully be having our original drivers from GSR driving Fezzik.