Toronto Area Teams: Looking for a team to mentor

Any teams here need an extra mentor, I’m currently with team 1281, but they may or may not have a team this year. I’m looking for a second team to help out. Last year I helped team 1281 and 849.
I’m look at Toronto/ York Region area teams (Markham Rd - around Keele, Eglinton - Major Mac)
I have 12 years experience (Canada FIRST and FIRST)
Been a mentor for 7 years (Team 849, 1275, 1281)
2005 GTR Woodie Flowers Award winner
Have a background in automation and robotics

I have checked the FIRST website and have found some teams that are looking for mentors but have no way to contact them. I have also emailed Karen Rosenthal, but haven’t got a reply yet. So my next step is to try here, since a lot teams have team members that read the forums

Don Mills CI is starting a new team this year. Call Vance he will know more. I will try and contact Karen tonight and give her a push. :smiley: