Torque applied by motors in brake mode

Does anyone know how much torque is applied by motors in brake mode? Is there a way to calculate this? I am specifically interested in 775 pro motors but the data would be interesting for all motors.

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The torque applied is a function of how fast you are spinning the motor. I wrote some detail about how to calculate it here Neo Motor brake force? - #11 by Will_Toth and there is a lot of other useful discussion about it in that thread.


Thanks! This allowed me to calculate the theoretical max falling speed after the power cuts and we’ll be in the air after 5 seconds!

I have actual NEO braking test data in this thread: Neo braking mode information

If you run SysId, you can calculate the braking acceleration as \frac{K_v}{K_a} * velocity. This can save you some steps, since usually you care about acceleration rather than torque.


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