If the FIRST manual was posted in a “.torrent” format [posted/hosted by FIRST] would you be able to access it? Would your team be able to access it?

Would you be able to personally access it?
Would your team be able to access it at the facility or school?

Idea from this post by Gertlex.

i would at home but not at the facility where we as a team watch the kickoff.
(basically not for 5 or so hours.)

Ooh, I like. This would speed up the download so much, especially with all of us FIRSTers as seeders afterwards. I can host the .torrent if need be, once I DL the manual. Good idea.

Let’s try to stop this whole conversation right now. As already noted in the other thread - the FIRST manual is a copyrighted document. You can NOT re-distribute or re-host it without permission from FIRST. FIRST has determined, for their own valid reasons, that they do not wish to do so. Therefore, this is not going to happen. And anyone that promotes the idea of illegally re-distributing the manual will rapidly run afoul of the CD Forum “acceptable use” policies.


…and this thread is being closed.