Does anyone know how to make a torus in Inventor 10? I’ve tried many methods already and I still haven’t figured it out. I have even checked the “help” thing in Inventor and have searched online. Any help would be great.

Thank You,

Although there should be a 3D object included, you can always back into a torus by constructing a round object of the correct diameter and thickness, inserting a hole through the object and then filleting all edges to the radius of half the thickness of the object.

Draw a circle. On a perpendicular plane, draw another circle such that the center of it lies on the first circle. Sweep the profile of the second circle around the path of the first circle. You could also do it in one sketch by Revolving a circle about a line.

Thanks y’all!! I figured it out how to do it. I’ve also officially decided that torus shaped things are my favorite shapes in Inventor (especially when the material is black chrome).

another easy way to do it is make a new sketch, make a circle and then off to the left or right, make a verticle line. then finish the sketch, revolve, select the circle as your area and the line as your axis.

That was one of the first things I tried actually, and it didn’t work out so well. I also tried doing a circular pattern, which didn’t work well either.

interesting, are you sure your line was straight verticle and that you revolved it fully?

Yup, and it just freaked out. Sometimes Inventor is quirky though.

ummm. You could apply the vertical constraint just to make sure before you revolve it. I just made it, and revolving the circle means that you can do it quicker by not having to establish the second work plane and sketch.