Total Lunar Eclipse May 15/16 Night

Hello people, for those of you who are astronomy lover, like me. There will be a total lunar eclipse tomorrow night (may 15/16,2003)

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here is a preview:




I feel that I must mention that this “incidentally” co-incides with the widespread release of The Matrix: Reloaded

46 minutes…

Stupid clouds. shakes fist in anger

So, did anyone else see it? It was quite impressive. Unfortunately, I forgot to look until the moon was already on its way out of the umbra.

I’m not sure I would have been able to see it much sooner though – what with the haze (read smog) here in the Los Angeles area and the fact that totality was around the time of moon rise.

i saw it, the light pollution and haze disturbed the view though. I remember when i was in Vegas and saw it it was blood red. It was awesome!:cool:


Why must spring have so much rain and cloudieness? Why? I am starting to wonder if I am ever going to see another star.

Needless to say, I missed it. Although it was kinda cool to be in the complete dark, no stars, no moon, nothing. Wierd.

-Andy A.

Argh! The sky was perfectly clear until the end of the eclipse, so I didn’t get to see it when it was red. ::mutters:: stupid clouds … … :mad:

  • Katie

I didn’t bother. It was cloudy here in MI… and I was tired from a day at Cedar Point.

I got a few pics of the moon when it looked like a finger nail u-shaped and then the clouds came. i was pretty mad but oh well…

*Originally posted by Katie Reynolds *
**Argh! The sky was perfectly clear until the end of the eclipse, so I didn’t get to see it when it was red. ::mutters:: stupid clouds … … :mad:

  • Katie **
    From the time I started watching, until the very end, the moon was never red! Did anyone see a red moon? I think the earth’s atmosphere must have been unusually clear (or maybe opaque because of cloud cover?) for the moon to have not taken on a red glow.

I went out at exactly 11:14 when it was supposed to peak… and got 2 minutes of a clear sky before the clouds came…

Never seen anything like that before- it was awesome… but wasn’t red at all.

i saw it when it was just starting to come out of the eclipse and it was just a sliver of light, then i saw it again whenit was about half way out. it was really cool cause i don’t think i’ve ever seen a real lunar eclipse before:P.
…not that it has any relevance, but i’ll just throw it out there that last night was also my Chris’ birthday (love ya chris!) and my school’s talent show (which i performed in:D)…

I watched it through my telescope. Kinda cool seeing the shadows on the eclipsed moon. And the clouds didn’t come until the moon had passed out of the penumbra completely. So I could see the whole thing clearly.

Wow, I feel lucky.
The clouds cleared in time and I live far enough out of the city that the lights did not interfere with the viewing.
I did not see any red either. Hmmmmm…

I hope the pictures I took are decent. I’ll send you one Chuck (evulish) if they turn out okay. I felt so bad for you after reading your post.

Oooh, I saw it, I saw it!! I was driving two of the girls on my soccer team home from practice and I saw the moon (I didn’t know there was supposed to be an eclipse) and I was like look at the moon!! Look at how red it is–I wonder if there is an eclipse?? Sure enough…:slight_smile: Craziness…

Raining all day, all night…

Several days it rained.

I saw nothing.



Man it was so cloudy and overcast for me…

Bleh - my town was overcast - I could see nothing from my backyard. :frowning: