Totally Jazzed for the Nationals.

Posted by Alan Federman at 03/25/2001 12:50 AM EST

Engineer on team #255, Odyssey, from Foothill HS, San Jose and NASA.

The SV regional was awsome - Thanks to team like 22 and 192 who were everywhere helping everyone. 22 and 192 built a robot on Thursday for rookie team. Ken Kreiger - what can I say? - thanks for being the ‘fresh eyes’ on our electrical problem. I was able to ‘pass it on’ to team 100. NASA sponsors and work from Joe Hering, Flora Boyer (free shipping!) and Mark Leon for starting the SV regionals.

There were 23 rookies out of 52 teams at our regional,
but even if bots fell over - there were partners who would pull or push’em into the end zone.

You East Coast and Midwest guys - be afraid - be very afraid - CA is bringing at least six 2 goal, under a minute balancers and 3 or 4 limbo big ball bots to the
party at Epcot - we’ll see how long that 710 stays up there.