Totes for Fuel

We were just wondering if any other competitions allowed teams to put multiple bins on the platform behind the boiler to stop teams from cycling fuel?

I think figure 3-34 on page 36 of the manual is what you are talking about?

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I don’t see anything in the rules that prevents you from doing this. You’d just have to take a RETURN BIN from its starting position in the Return LOADING STATION and bring it over to the back side of the BOILER.

Indeed, they were allowing the blue alliance(in 3-34) more than one of those containers in the small black structure. Is that legal?

From section 3.11.5:

Once FUEL is processed, it exits the BOILER into a RETURN BIN. Each LOADING LANE has three (3) RETURN BINS. To prevent a RETURN BIN from overflowing, HUMAN PLAYERS may replace it with an empty RETURN BIN.

I’m not sure about the legality of having 2 RETURN BINs on the platform at the same time, the wording doesn’t outlaw it, but it implies there’s only 1 at a time. There are no actual rules I can find that address it or provide for penalties.

There were multiple bins at both our events (St. Louis and Wisconsin) and I also think the rules implies only one bin, but it’s pretty inconclusive. I almost brought it up to the refs at Wisconsin but decided it wasn’t worth it at the time.

I did notice that most of the low goal fuel were launched by the boiler with enough force that they went into the second bin. Perhaps this is why there are two bins?

Thanks for the feedback.

At the start of a match there is one bin on the platform to receive Fuel from the Boiler. This is for the opposing alliance’s human players. There are two bins below (for overflow) for the driver station alliance. There are two more bins under the opposing alliance’s loading stations (one each loading station). There are 20 Fuel in one bin plus the unused Fuel from the robots in the other bin (zero to 30 Fuel). Plus of course the 18 Gears plus the (zero to 3) unused Gears from the robots. These are the only bins allowed.

Each alliance touches/moves their own bins only. The areas are well marked with their red/blue tape where everyone can go, and the bins are also color coded.

Surprisingly, after going through 5 competitions, it was only the last one (RIDE) that I saw the Human Players once or twice put one of their (Loading area) bins on the platform to receive the Fuel spillage, and only one (drive) team that consistently entered the Fuel from the spilled lower bins to their robot (their robot shot a lot of Fuel).

Finally, a bit of friendly advice from a resetter standing behind the human players all day and having to reset (and count) 600 Fuel. You’re quite allowed to dump all the Fuel you got to interfere with the robots from getting to their ropes. I’ve no problem with that, and in the rules. But if the robots are already climbing when you dump, does that really do anything? :confused: