Touching Cans on Step

Are robots allowed to touch the cans in the center of the field at the beginning of the match? like can I set a string attached to a hook inside the center cans before the match?


Robots cannot start inside the landfill zone. So you couldn’t be touching the cans before the match.


G7 When placed on the FIELD for a MATCH, each ROBOT must be:
A. in compliance with all ROBOT rules, i.e. it has passed Inspection. For exceptions regarding Practice MATCHES, see
Section 5.2 – Practice MATCHES.
B. fully supported by the floor, SCORING PLATFORM, and/or SCORING PLATFORM ramps on their ALLIANCE’S side of the
FIELD, and
C. completely outside of their AUTO ZONE and LANDFILL ZONE.
VIOLATION: If fix is a quick remedy, the MATCH won’t start until all requirements are met. If it is not a quick remedy the offending
ROBOT will be DISABLED and at the discretion of the Head REFEREE must be re-Inspected.