Touching carpet under goals

Is there a penalty for a robot part touching the carpet underneath a goal when trying to move a tetra (either in or out)? Is it legal/illegal? Please reference a rule when replying. Thank you in advance.

I know from a personal conversation with Dave Lavery that robots are allowed to drive in the goals, so it would be plenty legal just to touch the carpet. I will see if I can find a rule and edit this, but I think Dave is probably right.

Reference Rule G20 in Update02 - that’s specifically for touching “under” the goal posts. The goals have velcro that hold them down to the carpet, and the velcro contacts all along the edges of the bottom. So you will get a penalty if you try to go under the edges of the goal stuck to the floor. (Q/A id1169)

But you are in fact allowed to drive through a goal, therefore you are allowed touch the carpet “inside” the goal. Reference the Q/A id1216.

OK let me get this straight, we can drive over the bottom pipes to go in the goal, but not underneath the pipes that contact the floor.

Yes. You can drive over the pipes to drive inside the goal, through the goal, or sit underneath a goal. If you somehow get underneath the pipes that contact the floor, and it’s even remotely obvious, you could potentially damage the goal, which is illegal, as it’s also illegal to lift, tip, or grab the goal.

I don’t think it’s too difficult to keep a robot from getting underneath the goal pipes. So hopefully this will not be a problem anywhere. It sounds like the goals are velcroed down pretty good, so it’s gonna be a force to get under there and start lifting or damaging the goal in that manner.