Touching Robots During Auto Mode

Our team is designing our robot to shoot a “layup shot” during auto mode.

So our question is: what happens if we contact a goalie bot during auto mode… does the foul still apply?

And for clarification, if the goalie touches us rather than us touching the goalie bot, do they receive the penalty, not us?

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I don’t personally think that it is a foul. I might be reading this wrong, but it seems like it would only be a foul if the goalie did not remain in contact with the carpet in the goalie zone. It is just a foul for the goalie to leave the zone if there is no contact with another robot; it is a technical foul if they leave and make contact with an opposing alliance’s robot.

During AUTO,

a ROBOT starting in the white ZONE may not cross fully beyond the TRUSS
a ROBOT starting in its GOALIE ZONE must remain in contact with the carpet in its GOALIE ZONE.

Violation: FOUL. If contact with an opponent ROBOT, TECHNICAL FOUL.

Just line up where the goalie isn’t - unless the goalie moves on you. The rules updates have changed to state that the goalie gets 2nd pick of where to pre-position.

I agree… the way I read this rule is, there is only a penalty for contact if you first violate the first part of this rule. I could be wrong, of course…

From Q&A

If the opponent ROBOT is still in the GOALIE ZONE, G15 has not been violated by either ALLIANCE. The contact only results in a violation of G15 if the opponent ROBOT is not in contact with its GOALIE ZONE.
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