Touching the controls in auto

I don’t think I’ve seen a single call for touching the controls during auto in the 7 years I’ve been attending FRC events. But I’ve seen like 4 in Roebling this year. Anyone know what’s going on?


Anecdotally, I believe it is noise/the bell from other fields and then drivers getting confused.


As a ref I totally agree. I frequently do double takes when I hear the end game bell and then check to see there is still 90 seconds left in the match


That confused me even in 2019.

From talking to other teams and our drive team it’s generally because they heard other field’s buzzers


A point was made specifically about this at MSC in the drivers meeting.

Look… we have enough threads about it being too loud already.


Drivers probably aren’t paying attention to the clock on their feild(s) leading them to hear other feilds buzzers. It’s why you watch the clock like a hawk as a driver/operator in auto, audio ques aren’t reliable.


Or the refs might be using the audio instead of the clock. This seems to be my observation after watching a couple of them. Refs have a hard job and I’m not trying to shade them. Just something teams should pay attention of.


So we validated via video (on TBA for anybody to see if they’re interested) that we didn’t touch our controls early when we got our yellow card. I tell the drive team I want them to be the first to the controls, so when T=0 I yell “go!” We cut it close at every event we’ve ever been at dating back to 2013. To my knowledge this was the first time we’ve gotten a card for this.

The arena sounds aren’t official, and the referees would have a hard time watching the timer on the field clock as well as the hands and feet of all 6 drivers on their side. I’d certainly prefer if the benefit of the doubt were given to the teams in this case.

The referees on Roebling have done an amazing job overall! The entire field staff has been awesome and we appreciate their efforts.


The red alliance got a yellow card for it here:

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I wasn’t there, but in the video on YouTube it is possible to capture a frame when the field clock reads 1 and the driver is reaching for the controls.

Also notice that the timer on the stream is not synced with the field timer. In the screenshot below, the field timer on the red alliance wall reads 1 but the yellow bar on the livestream reads 0:00.

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@Rachel_Lim can confirm, but this has been called quite a few times on Hopper as well.

I didn’t happen to see any calls for it on Carver, but I did notice during every match two of the refs moved over so they were watching “down the line” during auton. I had not seen that previously.

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Saw the refs doing this at MSC all the time. Had to pull my foot back at the start of the match more than once. Drive coach here.

That is exactly right. We had one match where we grabbed the controls about 3 seconds too early because of the audio leakage between feels, and it is very confusing

Fortunately for us we did not get a penalty for it, however, we definitely did deserve it for that instance

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We were one of the yellow cards in Roebling for that, and it is definitely a sound issue. Our driver heard the teleop bell and touched the joystick before realizing the sound came from a different field.
After today’s award ceremony, I see why - I heard the announcements on our neighboring fields better than Roebling’s.

I’m still salty about hearing the rope drop sound from an adjacent field and our field announcer announcing it then dropping the ropes early as a pilot.

Penalty didn’t make a difference but that kind of **** keeps you up at night randomly years later.

Football field champs floorplan was the best one for everything except average field commute time.


I have always seen them do that.

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