Touchpad Activation Confusion

There was some confusion during our tie-breaker match in the quarterfinals this weekend. The opposing alliance seemed to have lost, yet about 1/2 second after the match ended, the opposing team’s third touchpad activated. It was pretty obvious that the LEDs illuminated after the game had ended, yet they got the points and we lost, eliminating our alliance. My interpretation of Figure 3-23 in the manual leads me to believe that their touchpad activated too late for them to get points, yet they still did. Am I wrong?

Video of the climb:

I should note that the climb in question is the blue robot climbing on the far side of the airship.

Remember, the touchpad illuminates after all of the requirements are met (it’s minimally displaced by ½ in. (~1 cm), it’s pressed for a duration of at least one (1) sec, and it’s pressed when the Teleop Period ends at T = 0). I believe that this example in Figure 3-23 is what occurred when 3340 activated the touchpad:

Beginning just before the timer hit zero, 3340 finally displaced the touchpad by at least 1/2 inches and held it for at least one second, causing the touchpad to illuminate after the buzzer had sounded and giving them the climbing points.

I figured the green lines signified that the light is on, and if that is the case, then they didn’t get the climb because the light illuminated a 1/2 second after the match ended. They may have begun pressing the touchpad before the match ended, however, during the 1 second downtime between touching the touchpad and the light turning on, the match ended, thus making the climb represent this:

The green lines signify the touchpad is pressed. The light turns on only after it has been held for 1 second.

Ok, that makes sense.