Toughbox broken

During testing today, the pins in the toughbox that hold the gear broke

I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

Are you talking about the roll pin, the part that you hammered into the shaft? A lot of people have had a lot of difficulty getting these inserted, and it’s quite possible that you cracked the pin while inserting it, leading to the failure. We went through a whole handful of roll pins before getting it right, so don’t feel too bad.

Just a hint if you get new roll pins, we found a drill bit the same size as the hole and just wiggled it around in there a little and the went in fine. still extremely tight but the didnt bend.

We drilled our shaft with a 3/32" bit. Hammering the roll pin went much better. Not sure that Andymark would recommend this approach. But so far the gearboxes are working fine.

Might I suggest an arbor press in lieu of a hammer. Or contact AndyMark directly and get a recommendation from them.


Well… at least you didn’t break the back of your transmission. Our toughbox’s lexan back plate didn’t do so hot (in stress testing) when used with two FP motors into 64:1 gearboxes as input torques. Instead of seeing if it would crack in real life, we just spent the extra weight and made an aluminum backer plate for it. True, it’s heavier, but, shouldn’t have to worry about it breaking now.

Has anyone had their lexan plate on their toughbox break?