Toughbox Micro-secure gears


We are using Toughbox Micro’s for the first time this year. We are using them to drive 4 Mecanum wheels. We couldn’t find anywhere in the instructions on how to secure the gears in place. Does anyone have a suggestion?



We used these instructions but doesn’t show anything to secure top gears.



You’ll have to be more specific, I think. The only time my team used the TB Micro’s, we did so with the KoP chassis, using a process similar to the mecanum upgrade kit.


Did you buy it without the external retaining/mounting plate?


WIthout that plate you’re expected to mount it flat to whatever structure you’ve created. Otherwise, go back to the product page and purchase the outside plate.


Step 6 shows the shaft in place, along with an e-Klip to hold the gear in the proper place. Steps 8-11 show mounting the bearings and plate, which hold everything in place from the other side.


First off thanks everyone. Sorry about my vagiousness. We are a third year team trying a modified chassis for the first time.

We did not order the plate becuase we plan on attaching it directly to the chassis. When the team went to attach it to the chassis it looked like the gears moved a bit on the shaft. Is that little bit of play ok?


Did you ensure that the emboss on each face of the gears are pointing the correct way per the instructions?

Is the gearbox greased thoroughly?


We aren’t sure so we will check on that and grease and see how it goes. Thanks so much you have been great


Gearboxes aren’t something you want to assemble half-assed. Make sure you thoroughly check the assembly of small things like this, as well as the retaining rings. Also, make sure that the bearings are pressed in completely using a wood block and mallet.


I have noticed the tiniest bit of play on TB series gearboxes along the shaft, but it is really tiny, no more than 1/64". In addition to the thigs suggested above, make sure the little nubs on the black gearbox housing have fit down into the mating holes on the chassis or shaft plate.