toughbox second motor other than CIM

Can we get a gearbox or some adapter to mount a motor other than a CIM into the toughbox gearbox and use it in conjunction with one CIM. Our design this year may be running out of CIMs. Ya, I know 5 should be enough but we need speed in some of our mechanisms.

AM Planetary,, will take an FP and make it mount like a CIM.

Yes you can. is your friend.

Is it worth doing? How much additional power are we buying for $100?

Very little, and the FP motors have a tendency to overheat when used in drive if you spend a lot of time stalled. It would be a better investment to buy two more CIM’s to use on the toughboxes.

By quickly using the JVN Design Calculator, I can show that using 2 motors per gearbox, with 8" kit “sticky” wheels, will give me 120 lbs pushing force, at around 59 amps/motor. With 1 motor per gearbox, I get 111 lbs pushing force, at around 115 amps/motor.

Yes it is probably worth it… it was a noticeable increase for us.
We added a FP to 2 cims on our 2007 robot

If you feel you need the cims other places, then the andy mark planetary would be a good option

I agree with Craig. For a more detailed explanation look here.

I was hunting for that thread. Thanks for bringing it back, it’s one of the better ones for motor choices.

Craig’s advice is sound.

Now, if you still want to add a second motor to a Toughbox, it is way better to add a second CIM for $28 from AndyMark, and an $8 pinion from AndyMark](
Grand total $36 and you get twice the power out per transmission.

The only drawback might be the weight.

I have a quick question regarding the toughbox. For our toughbox, the given spacer/key for the main shaft don’t work together. is this the case for anyone else?

115 Amps to a CIM is way too much, almost at stall.