Tournament with 2020 robots

Anyone think it’s feasible or there’s enough interest to try and run a tournament with the 2020 robots, to permit teams to see how they might have fared?

I know there are a large number of teams who had a fully developed robot that never got to play in a single match that year.


Indiana had 2 offseason events last year to play the 2020 game. It was nice to see how our bot fared since we weren’t able to make it to an event in 2020.

There are probably more teams in our situation that have already dismantled their Infinite Recharge bot. You’d likely have to rebuild the team build versions of the field elements as the official ones are likely all gone.

Little late now considering almost all of the students that would have worked on the 2020 bots will be graduated by the end of this season.

There were also a fair few offseaon events over the past ~6 months (considering the circumstances). not accessible by everyone, that’s for sure, but all the same.

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We were very fortunate to be able to play at 4 off-seasons, with our 2020 bot, plus an airshow exhibition with 2021. Honestly my favorite game and my favorite bot we’ve made, so I’m super sad that we never got any official play. It’s still kicking, minus a few minor parts, and I’d personally be so down to play: we still have our team hub under the stairs at my parents work… But realistically while my guess is globally there’s enough interest for an event, getting all those teams in the same place would be quite difficult, so maybe not. Still. One can dream

If we hadn’t stripped it for parts :rofl:

I see the point a lot of folks are making… teams have moved on and having a functional bot from 2020 isn’t even a thing for many.

We’re very fortunate that we are able to keep all of our prior year bots around, including some practice ones.

Really was just hoping to see how good our bot would have been in competition because it seemed magnificent in practice :rofl::rofl:

Curse you COVID!!!

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