So, any one in here go to the tournament in MA on Saturday? My team, #69(H.Y.P.E.R.), sponsored it. We were in charge of setting it up and running it. Any Lego League teams there? I really liked this team that had this min-sub, in the tournament they were team 1.

Going to the one at the U of R on Saturday.

I’m going to the one in CT this Sunday at Central CT State University.

I’m going to be a cuthroat presentation judge, so you better all have your game on so to speak… lol :yikes:

And, my team is going, so I have to be switched out during their presentation time, so as to be completely fair. :slight_smile:

See some of you there I’m sure.

I went to the Vernon (CT) Local LEGO League Tournament last Saturday - it seemed like everyone was having a great time.