Towel Day

In commemoration of the death of Douglas Adams, May 25th is the seventh annual International Towel Day.

"All Douglas Adams fans are encouraged to carry a towel with them for the day. Make sure that the towel is conspicuous- use it as a talking point to encourage those who have never read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to go pick up a copy. Wrap it around your head, use it as a weapon, soak it in nutrients- whatever you want! Most minds in the universe are constrained to the laws of Physics; let us remember those who broke the law and got away with it.

So long Douglas, and thanks for all the fish!"

-Clyde Williams, creator of towel day

Who’s taking part in this glorious celebration?

Carry Scrabble letters in it?


Since I am lucky enough to be working that day I usually have some kind of towel in my gear but this year I will make sure it is something special in some way.

of course!!! always know where your towel is. :smiley:

I already know where my towel is. I’ve actually have carried mine around at school, I get the best looks throughout the day. Planning to do so again. Maybe I can convince my AP Physics teacher to let us watch the original tv series since I have it in class because the rest of the year we are watching scifi movies.

The radio program is way better.

I ditched my backpack on towel day last year because it interfered with my towel carrying.

Sounds like the best science education!


I will of course be carrying my towel with me all day, so many of my friends have read the books and will get it. I was also really excited last week when my girlfriend got me my very own copy of the full series:) Arguably the best books ever written