Tower Damage During Autonomous

Has anyone found in the 2016 game manual clear evidence that the tower gets damaged when boulders are shot into it during autonomous?

This is addressed in section 3.1.4 of the Game Manual

So then yes it is damaged? That section doesn’t specify specifically that its damaged in autonomous also like it specifies that defenses aren’t damaged. That’s why I’m asking.

My reading of the second paragraph is that any BOULDER scored damages the TOWER, regardless of the game period.

I have not seen in the rules where it states that DEFENSES can not be damaged in Auto. Where is this information in the Game Manual?

On page 4 in the manual, it talks about how you can score during autonomous by shooting into the tower but doesnt specify if the tower is damaged or not. However, right after when the manual explains teleop scoring, it mentions that the tower is damaged once scored on bringing one to think that the lack of mentioning it might mean that it won’t be damaged during autonomous.

I believe at all times both the towers and the defense can be damaged.

The only special case is that in Auto 1 robot can on cause 1 strength worth of damage to a defense.

Still re-reading though. that’s how I read it right now

Read section 3.1.4 again and tell me what you think after that.

Well I have but with the other information on page 4 it all confuses me. It seems like it would be damaged but the lack of specifying this in the game manual is making me doubt this.

What page 4 are you referring to?

The second sentence of the second paragraph in section 3.1.4 is still leaving you confused?

Oh im sorry I didn’t specify. I was referring to page 4 of the overall document, not a specific section

You mean on the page that starts with

1.3 Description
Full game play details may be found in later sections of this manual.

Note that first sentence. Section 1 is just a general description. Follow the details later in the manual if there are any discrepancies.

I do see where you were misled, as the text following Table 1-1 is talking about decreasing TOWER STRENGTH during Teleop. But again, that’s just a general description, not a definition.