Tower question?

Hello, in the manual it says that the PLATFORM is 44 inches wide and 26" deep, which kinda means that if a robot is on the platform, the others cannot climb the tower, since the robots will be 38"+bumpers…
and in the drawing (GE-10028) it says 39"… :confused:
am I tired enough to be so wrong or are we in trouble? :ahh:

The GDC has already stated that the dimensions in the field plans are the ones to go by. I would search for a link but it takes to much time on the iPhone

so the tower & platform dimentions are 39*39"? 100% sure?

update #3


OKAY so now I’m even more confused :confused:
if a robot stands on the platform with its larger side (38") at the bump side, no other robot can climb?!

The long side is the side corresponding closely with the width of the tunnel. It wouldn’t make sense for the tunnel to be 36" wide and the top of the platform to be 32" wide.

i.e. the top of the platform is not a square, and it could be difficult for a robot to elevated using the bar if there is a robot on the platform, and vice versa.

Hope this helps.

I realize my reasoning for why the wide part of the platform is confusing, but the way I have explained the layout should be correct. 41 inches is from field-side to field-side, and 32 inches from driver station to driver station.

:stuck_out_tongue: never said the GDC tried to make anything easy now ur allinace will have to coordinate who hangs or elevates and in what order to make sure no one gets stuck on each other.