Tower question

I’m sure this is written somewehre, but I just can’t find it…
What is the external diameter of the tower poles? This is quite urgent…

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MisCar 1574

1.5" Outer Diameter.


No! This is a mistake that we made early on during the build season. (Source: GE-10029_rebB.pdf (Page 3 center diagram))


Are you sure it’s 1.5?? How can I understand that from the diagram?

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MisCar 1574

Oh, by the way, I was refering to the vertical pole and not the horizontal one so it would not be in the center diagram - it would be in the upper diagram, but I can’t find it.

Thanks again!

It’s all the same stuff. It’s all 1.5" diameter steel pipe. Please note that it’s a not terribly standard wall thickness that’s moderately thin. Be cautious of any point loading you’re putting on it, as you may damage it.

That statement in itself is mis-leading. There is no such thing as **PIPE **that has an actual outside diameter of 1.5"

PIPE sizes are defined in a PIPE schedule based on the Inside diameter (nominally) and what is called 1-1/2" pipe has an OD of 1.9" (this is what is referenced in the manual under tower construction)

I will check the drawings, it is possible that the tower is constructed from 1.5" TUBE which is actual outside diameter.

I just confirmed with the field drawings

The top & sides of the tower are constructed from 1.5" CRS (cold rolled steel) DOM (drawn over mandrel) TUBE

ie the actual outside diameter is 1.500" (inches)