Toy Destruction

A couple of friends (most of whom are on our team) and I started a little website. . This all came about when a friend and I made a movie about 15 minutes long, involving a furby who dies, we autopsy it, throw it out a window, then light it on fire.

Since then we’ve done some crazy stuff with Furbys.

There should be some new movies soon involving, a snowmobile, fire, a big stuffed bear, and huge tweety bird doll (courtesy of the town dump).

If you have any ideas, post them here!


… Yikes. :confused: :wink:

  • Katie

We are’nt crazy i swear!

we just have to vent anger, which is caused by school.

Dude, that’s totally sick (sick as in awesome)…

nice website also- what program did you use to make the videos? Adobe Premiere?

no my friend edits them in imovie on his imac