Track Ball weights

OK just checking here. IF you have weighed your track ball please list it here. And if you are inclined average the weights above you.

Our weight
7.3 pounds

Ave so far 7.3 pounds

We were curious how much variance there will be in balls


I think we weighed it at 7.4. Must have been all that air we put in it :wink:

Our ball weighed in at 7.0 lbs. Avg. of 7.2/7.3 I guess.

The question is, in the rule book it states that the game balls are 10 lbs. Is that just an estimation or is that what we’ll have to deal with in the competitions? If so, why would they ship us unofficial balls?

It’s an estimate. Didn’t you see the word “approximately”?

ours weighed 7.6, but that may have also been from the fact that it was a small scale and the trackball wanted to roll off of it, so we tried to lightly hold it in place :rolleyes: but, fully inflated, ours weighed 7.6-7.8 lbs.

Average = 7.325 lbs.

1778’s ball is 6.875lbs…too many numbers…

7.0 before and after inflation

7.6 lbs, not sure when we weighed it, but its the inflated weight for sure (btw physics says the air inside shouldn’t add to the weight