Track/Tread Help

Our team would like to use tracks. However, we don’t know how to splice them and what drive wheels to use for them. What is recommended?

We have a prototype with a belt off a tread mill cut and spliced with scotch weld. Also working on chain drive track with rubber cleats. We will post pictures soon.

You could use andymark’s track drive. However, bumper mounting is going to be a pain with them, although technically you could buy the track and pulleys separately and design your own configuration, but they’re pretty costly.

Another option is using custom tracks. I haven’t looked at it as much, you can buy tracks without having to splice them.

On the other hand, as quoted from another thread, Build Season may not be the time to experiment with such drivetrains.

If you are this far into the build season and are just now trying to learn how to build your own tracks, I would advise against doing so altogether.