Trackball Spacing

Can anyone tell me what is the spacing between the bars where the trackballs are place? in the manual it says 32" from center to center but that doesnt make sense. Any ideas?

The drawings say 32". It’s 32".

why doesn’t that make sense?

the square that holds each trackball is made of tubes, the side of the square is 32".

the distance between trackballs is different, and I can not remember it of the top of my head.


Sure it makes sense, but only if you understand what they are saying…and center-to-center measurements are common in many engineering fields.

The distance between the pipes is just the center-to-center distance, minus the diameter of the pipe (or, minus two times half the diameter of the pipe, which is the same thing)

With 1.5" outside diameter pipe, and 32" center-to-center spacing, the distance between the bars is 30.5"



thank you squirrel that helped alot!:smiley: