Tracked Chassis Help/Ideas

Hi, I am currently working on a tracked chassis that is about 1 foot long. I am working on the suspension for the tracks and am wondering what ideas people have on how I should keep the tracks tensioned if I want it to have an active suspension (Powered by 1.18in 7 lb gas springs). I will post pictures as I get it going but any input would help.

Assuming drive is your back, top pulley, then your front top needs to take up the slack as the suspension releases track tension.
Then in reverse you have a different problem. Suspensions (slack makers) on track drives add lots of complexity. Think it through how the drive pulley/sprocket acts on the track, in both directions. Now think about what happens during a turn… One forward, one backwards… And the ground friction trying to peel your tracks off their idler pulleys. It’s an engaging project to be sure.

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